The Life Of April.

The Life Of April.
April's just a plain girl, well was until she got involved in something way bigger than she'll ever be,


4. Beacchhhhh

He smiled up at me, and I helped him stand up.

"Just thought I'd say what we were talking about wasn't real. We were joking weren't we Eran." I looked back at Eran hopeful. She just looked at me, with her judgey look.

"I would say that. But I was taught not to lie." She then looked at Alek. She smiled at him, I turned round to face him, he looked like he'd just been smiling.

"This isn't funny!" I wanted to scream it, but I didn't. Alek carried on looking at me, his face was so dreamy. They made me feel like I could fly. I mean I obviously couldn't but still.

Not much really happened after. Well something happened but that's not important. It wasn't anything major. Just talking. A couple of days later I was sat on the beach watching the waves crash over each other when I saw Alek. He was walking towards me.

"Thought I'd find you here." He smiled at me, as I stood up.

"Yeah, well you were right. Were you looking for me?"

"Uh, yeah. I was..."

"Why?!" My voice sounded stubborn even though I didn't mean it to.

"I wanted to ask you something..." He looked at me in the eyes.

"What did you want to ask me?" I looked back at him in the eyes.

"Well, as your a friend of Eran's.. Um, SHE wanted me to ask you if you wanted to come to the beach house we own. It's a while away and it would be for the weekend. She knows how much you like the beach and all..." I looked at him, and nodded.

"Yeah. Well tell ERAN. That I would love to come too. When are you going?"

"Um, tomorrow. I know it's short notice. But still-"

"I'll be ready." I took a piece of paper out of my pocket and scribbled my address on it. "Eran knows where I live, but still she may have forgotten.

"I'll see you when I see you then." He smiled and walked away.

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