Is it Over?

Her name is Mandy Love , she is 18 , she lives in pairs , in a town called Mons .
Her boyfriend Oliver is 19 and he is moving to England (London) will he never come back to her? will he stay ? or ...


1. Me and Him

Me and Him we were a perfect mach. until he told me that he is going to leave Paris. He was my life he was the perfect one. why , why did it happen to me. we were together only for about 7 months , and if you wanna know every day i am bullied at school he is the only one that stands up for me i will miss him. Ok so let me start over again haw it  happend.

I woke up in the morning looking forwards to the new day , its my and my boyfriends  day today because it is valentine day, i got him a 79% Gold watch  im so lucky that i have a boyfriend like him. I am still wondering what he has for me ???

I'm at school trying to find him he is not in , im feeling lost.                                      He is not hear , what if he forgotten or did he dump me ?

Im was on the first lesson (Geography) it is his favorite subject how can he miss it out , it's brake-time he is finally  hear but he is really grumpy he is not joyful like all of the time , but as well as  it is valentine , i asked him how he feels he did not reply

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