scream festival

my story is about a young girl and her brother going to a festival but then after a while weird things start to happen they hear screams and shouts but what was it they didn't know that people got murdered in that festival then later the girls brother goes missing and she is left alone but what will happen next


1. they gothey leave

the older brother age 19 goes to get his little sister who is 7 and takes her to a festival the little girl is called gemma and the boy is called conor. they both are so excited about it but it was a while away it was a bright lovely day. the boy drives so it takes about 1 to 2 hours to get there and the same to get back they while stay there for a while they hopeso they eventually get there they are so excited but then they hear things. "AHHHHH HELP ME " they hear so they search conor makes sure gemma is ok and stays beside him. they look over and over but cant see anything so they leave it. but what they don't know is that the festival is HAUNTED and has been for years. but no one knows that the little girl is scared so then conor asks does she want to go home and she says no. but then they hear it again and the same nothing to see. so the boy says to gemma "stay here until i come back" and she says "ok". but it has been about 20 minutes and gemma is still waiting. so she goes to look around but she gets to a corner and looks and notices her brother lying there DEAD. his head burst and a knife through his back and head. so she panics and can see the car keys but before she goes to get help. but know one is there so she goes to the car and drives.



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