scream festival

my story is about a young girl and her brother going to a festival but then after a while weird things start to happen they hear screams and shouts but what was it they didn't know that people got murdered in that festival then later the girls brother goes missing and she is left alone but what will happen next


2. parents

their mum and dad are worried they haven't come back so they look and look but nothing so they call police and they call a baby sitter for the teenager who didn't want to go. so the parents go for a nice dinner mums and teenager talk through face time and roxy the teenager sees a shadow "mum behind u she says" her mum is in the bathroom "stay calm she says and call 999" she says but before in the glimps of an eye she sees blood all over the screen" shes dead. she calls her dad and he answers "hello" he says "dad its me mum is dead in the bathroom" . "how"he says "i did not know i seen a shadow and then nothing wait i heard someone say im coming for you next"


TO BE CONTINUED ............

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