A World Away.

Zayn Malik and Liam Payne are part of the hottest boy band in the world. They're doing great. Albums and tickets are selling out like a spreading wild fire. Teen girls are all over them. But when a government of Elders takes over the world and molds it into the 'perfect democracy', Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn are all flung to the far corners of the world, memories wiped clean of each other. Can Liam, the only one with memory of Zayn and the boys, get things ALL back to normal? Or will they be lost in this erratic dimension forever?


4. The Warning; Part II


The Warning #2: Channel 5 News Cast

Location: Cheshire, England. Specification- Harry Styles' (Old) Home

Reason Of Location: Holidays


**8:17am December 25th, 2012**

Niall woke to his alarm clock at exactly 8:17am. He shut off his alarm and ran into Harry's room. He got up on the bed and jumped up and down.

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP! IT'S CHRISTMAS!" he screamed.

"UGH!" Harry groaned, when Niall stepped on his leg. "All right, Niall!" he laughed. "Come on, let's get the others!"

"Yeah!" Niall said, and followed Harry to Louis' room.

"LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON!"Harry yelled, making Louis jump three feet.

"AH! I'm up! What's going on?!" Louis yelled, grabbing his baseball bat.

"It's Christmas!" Niall said, gleefully.

"Yeah," Harry laughed, "so get up and help us wake Dumb and Dumber."

Louis rolled his eyes and walked over to Liam's room with them.

"Liam get up! It's Christmas!" Niall yelled, jumping on the Wolverhampton boy.

"Agh! Niall, get off!" Liam laughed.

"Come on! We still have to wake Zayn." Louis informed, and they all headed to Zayn's room.


"Liam!" Zayn cried, while being tickled to death by his boyfriend. "Stop! I-I can't breath!" "Say it!" Liam said. "N-NEVER!" Zayn laughed. Liam stopped, "Please?" he said using his puppy-dog look. Zayn groaned, "Fine," he said sitting up. "you are the best, most beautiful, level-headed, smart, and funny person I've ever met and I am lucky to be your boyfriend." He said quoting Liam from earlier. "Thank you." Liam smiled, kissing Zayn softly. Zayn kissed back and smiled at the boy. But then, Liam wasn't Liam anymore. His face melted away into a man Zayn was frightened of. A man Zayn felt the need to run away from. He tried to get up but his body wouldn't respond. "Come on, Zayn, say it again." the man said, gripping Zayn's shoulders hard enough so they bled. "NO!" Zayn yelled. The man began to laugh and Zayn began to cry. "LIAM! NO LET ME GO! HELP ME, LIAM!"

"ZAYN! WAKE UP!" Liam yelled, shaking Zayn.

"NO! LIAM, HELP!" Zayn screamed.

"Zayn, I'm here! Stop! Wake up!" Liam pleaded. Niall, Louis, and Harry stood there, frightened and confused.

Zayn's eyes shot open and he saw Liam, the real Liam. "Li." he breathed, hugging his friend.

"Zayn, it's ok. I'm right here." Liam whispered.

"But you weren't! It wasn't you!" Zayn cried, tears making their way down his face.

Louis pushed Niall and Harry out the door leaving the two to talk, shutting the door. He then kneeled down and listened through the splintered wood, followed by Niall and Harry.

"What are you talking about, Z?" Liam asked.

"Y-You were there and we...we were..." Zayn thought a moment before deciding to leave out the part about them dating. "We were messing around at home and then your face...it m-melted into someone...I don't exactly know who but I was frightened of him. He squeezed my shoulders until they started b-bleeding." Zayn couldn't stop crying, he was so scared. Liam hugged the poor, frightened boy and whispered reassuring things in his ear until he stopped sobbing.

"Zayn, it's ok. It was just a dream. There's nothing to worry about." Liam said, and Zayn believed him.


Zayn and Liam went out into the living room and you better believe, the tension could have been cut with a knife.

"Are you alright, Z?" Harry asks.

"Yeah, just a bad dream..." Zayn replied.

"...Can we open presents now?" Niall asked.

"OF COURSE!" Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn said. 

"Yay!" Niall yelled jumping towards the presents.

They all laughed and sat down, opening presents. Louis got two shirts, one from Niall and one from Liam, and a bunch of carrots tied in a bow from Harry. Harry got a pair of converse from Niall, a book on cats from Liam, and an actual kitten from Louis, which he, to no surprise, named Boo. Niall got a membership card to his favorite pub from Louis, a 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' apron from Harry, and a new book from Liam. Zayn got a new pair of shades from Louis, new skinny jeans from Niall, a sketch book from Harry, and a new Mirror from Liam. Liam got a new book he'd been dying for from Louis, a new plaid shirt from Niall, and a new pair of Nike sneakers from Harry.

Finally, it was time for the last gift to be opened, the Rolex watch.

"Here, Liam. This one's for you." Niall said, reading the tag on the gold-wrapped box.

"Cool." Liam said. "It's from...Zayn"

"Go on, then. Open it!" Louis said, eagerly.

Liam tore the paper and silver bow off and gasped. "No..." he said, seeing the Timex box.

"Go on." Zayn says, smirking.

Liam opens the box. "OH MY GOD!"

"What?" Louis says.

"What he get you?" Harry asks.

"I WANNA SEE!" Niall says, jumping up and down like an impatient child.

"A-A Rolex watch!" Liam exclaims, holding up the silver watch.

"Yep." Zayn sighs.

"He got you a what?!" Louis, Harry, and Niall shout.

"ROLEX WATCH!" Liam says, putting it on.

"What the-- how did you get that without being mobb--" Louis gasped. "You got mobbed at the mall for that?" 

"Of course, I did! How else would i have gotten it?" Zayn says, laughing.

"ATTENTION! We interrupt this scheduled program with some breaking news." Susan, the reporter, says.

"Turn it up!" Liam and Zayn say. 'I have a bad feeling about this...' Liam thinks.

"There have been recent happenings that indicate, what some are calling, a premature apocalypse. Officials have no leads on what or who is causing this phenomena, but, if sources are correct, this society does not have much time. Stay safe and protect your families. This could very well be the end of the human race..." then the screen immediately cut back to the show. 

There was silence all around the room. Then all eyes were fixed on Zayn and Liam. 

"Told you..." the two breathed in unison.

"What do we do?" Harry asked holding his kitten, Boo, closer.

"We protect ourselves, Haz." Louis said, taking the frightened boy into his arms.

"And each other." Liam says. "God knows what could happen if we got separated."

"Right," Zayn says, "we stay together. Always.

"Got it." the others agree. 


The rest of the day was quiet and, almost, peaceful.

"Liam." Zayn said, when the others had gone to bed.


"What's gonna happen to us?" 

"...I don't know..." Liam sighs, moving closer to Zayn. When he felt the Bradford lad shaking he held him close. "Everything will be ok, Zayn." he whispered. "As long as it--or...they--don't separate us, we'll be ok."

Zayn wanted to believe in him, he really did, but he had a sinking feeling things were going to get a lot worse before they got better.




AN: OK! yay! another chapter done! Please comment! I'm dying to know if you even like it! :/ 


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