A World Away.

Zayn Malik and Liam Payne are part of the hottest boy band in the world. They're doing great. Albums and tickets are selling out like a spreading wild fire. Teen girls are all over them. But when a government of Elders takes over the world and molds it into the 'perfect democracy', Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn are all flung to the far corners of the world, memories wiped clean of each other. Can Liam, the only one with memory of Zayn and the boys, get things ALL back to normal? Or will they be lost in this erratic dimension forever?


5. Gone: The Nightmare Begins


Gone; The Nightmare Begins 

Location: Cheshire, England 


Zayn had fallen asleep on the couch next to Liam and was deep into a good dream.

Or so he thought.


"Liam," Zayn said, carefully so as to not scare his beautiful boyfriend. Liam slowly turned around and smiled, seeing Zayn.

"Hey, Z. What are you doing up? It's only 7:00." Liam quarried.

"Is it?" Zayn said, looking at the clock. 7:00am, it read. "Huh, I didn't notice."

"That's ok, now I get more time to kiss you today." Liam smirked, pulling Zayn closer. Zayn smiled and softly kissed Liam's awaiting lips. They were sweet, like icing sugar.

"Babes, you know what today is?" Zayn asks.

"Hmm...would today happen to be the...12th of January?" Liam whispered, kissing Zayn's cheek.

"Mmhmm..." Zayn hummed.

"Well, you know what that means..." Liam says.

"No, what?" Zayn smiled.

"It's your year to be Released." Liam sighs.

"Released?" Zayn says.

"Yeah, you know, when the Elders dispose of you. You are no longer of use to society." Liam replies, pushing Zayn off his lap. 

"No longer of use to society?" Zayn asked.

"I'm sorry, baby, that's just the way it is." Liam said, standing up. He grabbed his already packed back pack and left. Zayn sat on the couch in tears. There was an ear drum shattering BANG, making Zayn jump and look up. There stood the man who he didn't know, yet was still terrified of.

"Come, Mr. Malik," the man said, "tis time for your Releasing."

"No! I won't go with you!" Zayn screamed.

"Tisk, tisk, Mr. Malik," he said viciously, "you must come."

"NO! You can't make me!" Zayn yelled, although it was more of a plea.

"Listen here, you little pest!" the man spat, picking Zayn up by the thin fabric of his tee shirt. "You are being Released today, no matter how much you beg, plead, and cry!"

Those were the last words ever spoken to Zayn Malik, for in the next second he died. A horrible and gruesome death of being stabbed in the back. In more than one way. However, the first time was far more painful than the second. And one of his heart-breaking killers, was none other than Mr. Liam Payne.


"AH!" Zayn shot up, sweaty and shaking. His body was cold yet he was sweating. His breath came in short, shallow gasps. 

"Zayn?!" Liam said from the other end of the couch. Zayn jumped. He knew it had been a dream, yet seeing Liam was too much after it.

"Are you ok?" Liam asked, seeing Zayn's sudden fright of him. He reached out to stroke Zayn's arm comfortingly but Zayn pulled away.

"I'm ok, Li. Really." he insisted, sighing shakily.

"...Ok..." Liam says.

"I'm uh...gonna go get breakfast." Zayn says, rising from the couch.

"I'll come wi--"


Liam stopped and looked into the boy's eyes. "Wh-What's wrong with you?" he asked, his eyes showing every negative emotion swimming in a pool of fresh tears.

Zayn then saw the real Liam again, the one he trusts with everything. Liam couldn't let Zayn see him cry, especially over something so little, so he bolted for the door.

"LIAM!" Zayn yelled, running but Liam was nowhere to be seen.

"LIAM!!!" Zayn pleaded.

Louis heard the shouting and shot out of bed, running downstairs. "What is it?! What happened?!"

Zayn dashed back inside, grabbed his leather jacket and headed for the door, only to be stopped by Louis. 

"What. Happened?" the eldest of the boys asked.

"Liam's gone. I have to find him!" Zayn exclaimed, pushing Louis away and running out the door.

Louis was about to run as well when he realized he had no pants on. So instead, he ran upstairs and into Harry's bedroom.


Harry woke up and fell right out of his bed and onto the floor. "WHAT?!" he yelled from his position on the floor, where he was currently scrambling to get clothes.

"You heard me! Now let's go!" Louis said, pulling on pants then proceeding to pull a, still struggling to be clothed, Harry.


Liam ran and ran until he saw something that scared him to his core. Dark, menacing clouds appearing out of thin air on a perfectly sunny day.

"LIAM! Come back! I'm sorry!" he heard Zayn crying behind him.

"Zayn, wait up!" that was Louis.

"Guys what's going on?!?!" and Harry.

"HOLD IT!" Liam shouted, turning on his heel. The others were mere feet away. He motioned up to the sky, towards the, suddenly menacing, sky.

"Woah." Harry breathed.

"What...What is that?" Louis asked.

"The sky...it's...it's--" Zayn couldn't find a word to describe it. The clouds were absolutely ...horrifying. They swirled in an endless spiral, like a tornado, only it never touched down. The color was even more horrifying. It was a devious grey-black color, that just screamed, 'RUN'. 

"What's going on?" Louis squeaked, huddling himself into Harry's side. The younger immediately wrapped protective arms around the smaller lad.

"Do I look like I know?" Liam asked, looking back at the sky. "Wait!" he said. "Where's Niall?!"

Louis and Harry exchanged a glance, then switched their gazes over to Zayn. 

"I THOUGHT YOU WOKE HIM!" the Bradford Boy exclaimed.

"NO I WAS WAKING HARRY!" Louis defended. 


Then a fight broke out. Louis jumped on Zayn, clawing at his face, while Zayn screamed numerous, idiotic, things at the boy. 

Liam rolled his eyes in exasperation and turned back to them. "Could you two knock it off?! There's something going on here, in case you haven'--" Liam was cut off by a pair of huge hands grabbing Harry and dragging him away. "HARRY!"

"HEY! LET ME GO!" Harry screamed.

"HAZ! NO LET GO OF ME, YOU BIG ARSE!" Louis was next to be grabbed.

Zayn turned just in time to duck, and get away from another large...man? They weren't exactly men, more like machines with the bodies and physical actions of a man.

"LIAM!" Zayn called, running to his friend. Liam happily latched onto Zayn, while the dark-haired boy held him tightly.

"Never let go, Liam. You understand? Never forget me!" Zayn said as a man-machine grabbed his legs.

"I promise, Z. NO!" Liam grabbed Zayn's hand and pulled.

"You won't forget me, Liam! You can't!" 

Then Liam was grabbed by the waist and hastily pulled away. Zayn was able to loosen the thing's grip and pulled closer to Liam. There was a bright flash, emitting from the large Big Ben clock just a few blocks from their house, and Liam felt a sensation, a brief yet beautiful sensation, of someone else's lips on his and then...

...They were all again, and forever, plunged into that world of silence. This time never to arise, never to understand. Never to remember. 

Well, at least that's how it was supposed to happen...


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