A World Away.

Zayn Malik and Liam Payne are part of the hottest boy band in the world. They're doing great. Albums and tickets are selling out like a spreading wild fire. Teen girls are all over them. But when a government of Elders takes over the world and molds it into the 'perfect democracy', Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn are all flung to the far corners of the world, memories wiped clean of each other. Can Liam, the only one with memory of Zayn and the boys, get things ALL back to normal? Or will they be lost in this erratic dimension forever?


2. A World Of Silence


Attack #2: A World Of Silence

Location: New York City, New York

Victims: Everyone In Times Square


°°11:57am June 23,2012°°

Performing in America. The boys loved it. Louis got to go shopping, Harry got to meet American ladies, Liam got to go to the public libraries, Niall got to eat American food, and Zayn, well, Zayn got to admire himself in the windows of the shops every two feet.

"All right, boys," Paul says. "are you ready?" "Paul, please. Do you see all these lovely ladies waiting for us to make love to their ears? I think we're ready." Louis answers.

'Typical Louis.' Liam thinks. Pails just nods, giving Louis a strange look. "Yeah, all right." he says. "Let's go boys!" Zayn shouts, and they head onto the stage. Liam greets the crowd and the beginning chords of 'Moments' starts to play. Liam raises the mic to his lips and—


Absolutely, nothing. 

He taps the mic a few times. Not even the 'thump' can be heard. But then Liam notices something else. The screams have ceased. He looks around at the lads, they look just as confused. He looks to the crowed, they girls (and occasional guy) look confused and frightened.

Louis opens his mouth to say something. Silence.

'Ok, something must be wrong,' Liam thinks to himself, 'if Louis isn't talking something is definitely wrong.'


Back on the tour bus, with all sound back, the boys are incredibly shaken up. 

Especially Zayn.

"I don't know about this, man. Wh-What if something is really wrong?" the Bradford Boy stuttered.

"Aw, what's the matter, bad boy? Scared of a possible nothing?" Louis mocked. Although, Liam was quite frightened himself.

"Shut up, shopaholic. I'm just saying, what if all these little things (no pun intended) are a part of something...much bigger..."

"Well, their not. Honestly, Zayn, you need to stop being paranoid." Louis said.

"I agree, your just a bit shaken." Harry followed up.

"Yeah, man, clear your head." Niall agreed.

"I-I don't kn-know...m-maybe...Z-Zayn's r-right..." Liam said, looking around cautiously.

"Oh come on, Li! Not you too!" Louis exclaims.

"No, mate. I-I really think there's something...b-big here." Liam says.

"Well, you two certainly have wild imaginations." Paul butts in from the front seat. Zayn and Liam sigh in defeat and slump in their seats all the way back to the air port.


The next few weeks are jumpy and paranoid filled, for the two-fifths of One Direction known as 'Ziam' have been unable to forget about the past events. Hence, why they have not fought for weeks.

Now, they are sitting, uneasily, on their couch. "Li, you think this could be that...'2012' thing everybody's been talking about?" Zayn says, breaking the silence.

"I don't know, Z. I just know that, snow in June and spontaneous deafness worldwide are not normal..." Liam answers looking dead ahead instead of into Zayn's pleading eyes, begging for answers that he doesn't have. 

Zayn stands, and crouches in front of Liam, forcing him to look into his eyes. Liam looks, and what he sees shatters his heart, to say the least. Zayn's eyes hold, not just pleas for help, but fright and sadness.

"Zaynie, don't look at me like that...please." Liam begs, but he is unable to look away from the deep pools of chocolate brown. Zayn's eyes are much darker than his milk chocolate ones.

"Liam, I'm a bit scared." Zayn admits.

"I know, I am too...but, I don't know why, when your around I sort of feel...safer." 

"Really?" Liam nods. "Well, when your around it feels like...nothing can happen to us."

Liam lifts Zayn's head so they are looking right at each other, mere inches away. Liam has no idea where all of this came from, he just knows that he is starting to...maybe...have 'feelings' for the Bradford Boy. Zayn's eyes glance down to Liam's lips and—

"Oi! Wake up you lazy bums! We have an interview!" 

'Damn you, Louis William Tomlinson!' Liam thinks.

"B-Be right there!" Zayn calls, scrambling to get away from Liam's grasp. Liam buries his face in his hands and groans. He stands and comes face to face with Zayn. 

"This—" Zayn starts, motioning between the two.

"Never happened. Got it." Liam says. Zayn just nods and opens the door, dashing out. Liam follows not really caring what the others heard.

"What never happened?" Louis asked, being his usual nosy self.

"So, we're ready, yeah?" Zayn says, ignoring Louis completely.

Louis just pouts. "Oh, your mean." he whines.

"I have no idea what you mean." Zayn pats Louis' cheek.

They climb into the limo. Louis sitting with Harry on one side, Zayn sitting with Liam on the other, and Niall taking the head of the compartment. Liam, because of the major awkwardness of what just happened in the flat, scooted to the very edge of the couch. Zayn does the same, and you better believe, this strange behavior did not go unnoticed by the others. 

"What's wrong with you two?" Niall asked.

"Hmm?" Liam hums. "What do you mean?"

"You know exactly what he means! Now spill!" Louis scolds.

"Honestly, you lads are probably imagining things. There's nothing up!" Zayn says.

"Even I see it you guys! Come on, just tell them. I'm the one who'll have to hear Lou bitch about it anyway." Harry said.

"We're fighting, all right?!" Liam shouts. Zayn shoots him a look and Liam just discreetly shrugs, it was the best he could think of.

"F-Fighting?!" Niall shrieks, "About what?!" 

"Uh..." he had Liam on that one.

"Liam broke Mirror!" Zayn blurts out.

"Y-Yeah! Because you wouldn't put it down to even listen to me!" Liam leads on.

"Oh please! You just wanted to piss me off!" Zayn shoots back. And just like that they're bickering like they normally do at home. The lads are watching the whole thing go down, Liam argues and then Zayn. 

"STOP!" shouts Paul. "Who cares! Zayn you get a new mirror and Liam you get seven years bad luck! No matter who, what, when, where, why or how that will always be the outcome! Ok? So just shut up!"

Louis, Harry, and Niall drop the subject and go back to their phones. Liam and Zayn shoot each other a relieved glance, as they pull into the studio's lot. The interview takes ten minutes, tops.

The boys are back home within an hour.


That night, Liam lay in bed and it feels like that afternoon on the stage, silent and terrifying. It's cold and abnormal. Usually Zayn is laying in the bed adjacent to his, but tonight Zayn went out with his friends from Bradford. Liam feels empty without the boy there. Not just because of his newly discovered 'feelings', but also because without his friend there he feels empty and vulnerable. As much as Liam doesn't want to say—or even think—it, Zayn is his lifeline, and without him he is forever plunged into a world of silence.


AN: OOH dramatic ending O.o please comment/like/review/etc. if you liked it! if you would like to be Niall's assigned lover please comment your character below! i will randomly choose someone for it.


-Must be female! (sorry guys :/ )

-Must have a legal marriage age! (20+)

-Must have cool and exotic name! :) 


~Anna ^_^

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