I Wonder If

I wonder if you remember me.
Luna has always thought about this when her bestfriend Alex left her for another crowd when they reached high school. Luna, ever since the first day of high school has been alone. As she watches Alex from a distance she can't help what happened to him.
With a big decsion Luna changes her whole lifestyle. Her looks and she has even taken up dance lessons.
But will she end up winning him back? Or will Zero win her heart?


5. Zero's family

"Back so soon Luna." asks the receptionist. "I got hit with a basketball in P.E" I say. "That hurts, your nose is slightly purple." replys the receptionist. I nod. "Your mum will be here in a minute, she is going to have to take you to her work." says the receptionist randomly. I nod again and take my seat. I see Zero walk through the doors. "What are you doing." I ask. "I got a message from Lydia, shes picking me up too." says Zero. My mum knows Zero. Weird. "How does my mum know yours?" I ask. "Funny enough, your mother comes around mum's house and so does your dad." he replys. Why didn't they invite me. I look down at my shoes. I hear a car beep from outside. It was mum's car. "Bye Miss." I say to the receptionist. "See you tomorrow." she smiles. I exit the buliding with Zero behind me. "Oh sweetie." My mum says hugging me when I reach the car. "Mum...your....smothering me." I say, muffled. "Sorry." she says and lets me go. Zero was giggling quietly. I shoot him a dirty look. "Right, lets take you home." says Mum getting into the drivers side. I get ino the passengers seat and Zero gets into the back.

Mum told us that the journey was about an hour long. I sign and just look out at the window. We were stuck in a traffic jam and moving at about 5mph each minute. I was starting to get restless. So I started to think. Why hasn't mum ever invited me round to Zero's house, I mean then maybe I would actually know someone else. I start to tap on the the handle of the car door. "Luna sweet heart relax." says Zero in a high voice. Mum laughs. I turn around and scowl at him. He just sits there with dumbass written all over his face. I turn back round as mum moves forward a bit. I fold my arms. "Let me turn the radio on." says Mum. She turns it on and ' Your Song' by Ellie Goulding comes on. I really like this song so I turn it up. I smile and start to hum along. Finally we get out of the traffic jam and manouver off the motorway. "So you like Ellie Goulding?" asks Zero. I blush. "Yeah why?" I say quietly. "Oh it's just that I have tickets to go see her next week if you want to go." replies Zero. "It's fine by me Luna." says Mum concerntrating on the road.  "Yeah I'll go." I reply, trying hard to contain my excitement. "Great." says Zero smiling from ear to ear. Mum pulls into a small country road and parks outside a big house. I stare wide eyed at the house. A dog came running out the house. It was a small golden labradour. Must be still a puppy. "Why is Honey outside?" says Zero taking off his seat belt and runs out the car to catch the pup. I get out too and shut the passenger door. I get Zero's school bag out and almost drop it because it was really heavy, but I manage to heave it onto my back." I shut the car door and make my way over to Zero who was struggling to keep Honey under control. I sign and put the bags down and took hold of Honey. She calmed down and sniffed my hair. "Luna has a way with dogs." says Mum. I look at her. Mum just smiles. I put Honey down on the gravel and she runs back into the house where now stood in the door way is a tall, slender women. She had black hair like Zero. She was wearing a smart business suit and as we grew closer her lips were slightly pouting and she looked annoyed. "I thought you said Luna wasn't coming." she said rudely. I put my head down. "Mother thats not a very nice way to treat her, she's done nothing wrong."says Zero politely. Zero's mother signs and turns around back into the house. Mum goes after her. Zero leads me into the house and into a small back room. "Sorry about that, I don't know why she snapped." says Zero. "It's okay." I reply quietly. I could hear muffled giggling coming from the hallway. "That must be Tiana, my younger sister shes 14." Zero says. The giggling got louder until they burst into the room, but stopped when they saw me and Zero. Thats when I realised Zero was standing to close for comfort. Tiana had light brown hair and she was wearing clothes just like her mother. Her friends looked just the same. They all had smug looking faces. I looked at my clothes and realised I looked out of place, and so did Zero. "Well looked what Zero dragged in, let me guess the loner and geek that Zero got stuck with, how old are you what my age." she said in a really stuck up voice. Zero frowned at her. I stared at her. My courage started to pick up. I walk over to her and stand up straight. I had to look down at her and her friends. "16 actually, and your cocky attitude isn't a winner in my books." I say. "Is that the best you could come up with honestly." she giggles. So do her two friends. I crouch down to her height. "No that wasn't one of my good comebacks, but however I don't want to stoop down to your childish level, becaus eyou obviously haven't grown up." I say in a voice that you'd say to a baby and patted her head. I then stood back up and walked over to Zero. He was laughing so much. Tiana looked really annoyed. Her and her friends walked out the room. I signed. Zero put out his hand and I shook it. "Well done you've passed the first barrier of the Smith family." he giggled. I smiled.

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