I Wonder If

I wonder if you remember me.
Luna has always thought about this when her bestfriend Alex left her for another crowd when they reached high school. Luna, ever since the first day of high school has been alone. As she watches Alex from a distance she can't help what happened to him.
With a big decsion Luna changes her whole lifestyle. Her looks and she has even taken up dance lessons.
But will she end up winning him back? Or will Zero win her heart?


3. Zero Smith

I woke up to the sun peering through my cream curtains. I forgot to tell you about my room. It's a pale rose pink and my bed cover has roses on them too. I have a cream dressing table, cream carpet and a sliding door wardrobe. My room isn't all bad, and it suits my personality a little bit. I glanck over at my alarm clock. It's 6.30am. A whole hour before I need to be up. I sign and get out of bed. I walk over to my clothes and take them off the hanger. After I finish getting changed I walk over to my dressing table. I gently take out my plaits. The curls left in my hair fall down to my waist. I decide to leave them like that. I put a flower clip in my hair. It is a peachy colour.  I stare at my reflection. I sign again and look away. I grab my school bag and check that everything I need is in there.  After checking I head downstairs. It's silent because mum and dad have gone to work. Theres a note on the fridge door. Bacon sandwiche is in the oven, make sure you turn the oven off and don't forget your keys. It says. Mum wrote the note because her handwriting is neater. I take my sandwiche out the oven and sit down at the table to eat it. After eating I put my plate in the sink. The time is 7.30am. Time to go to school. I know its early but best be early then to be late. I pick my school  bag up and head for the front door. I grab my set of keys out of the dish then I open the front door, close it and lock it. I then start my walk to school.

I get to school for 7.45. I walk into reception and I get greeted by the friendly receptionist. "Morning Luna, your quite early you know." says Miss Bean. "I know, I didn't want to be late." I answer. "Well take a seat sweetheart and you can wait for Zero." she says.  I take a seat in one of the reception chairs. I take out the book I was reading in the library yesterday. I turn to the first chapter and start to read. Before I knew it someone walked through the door. I looked at the clock. It was 8.15. I glance at the boy that walked through the door. He had black, short hair. He was wearing a hooded grey jacket and dark blue jeans. He also  wore black trainers and he was carrying a grey rucksack. "Luna, this is Zero." says Miss Bean. I put my book away and walk over to them both. I must admit he was gorgeous. He had the most amazing green eyes, they reminded me of my own. "Hi." I say quietly. "Hey." he says smiling at me. I must of died inside because his smile was amazing.  "So Zero you are in all of Luna's classes so if you could follow her around for the week then that would be great." says Miss Bean. Zero's eyes didn't move off of me at all. It was making me feel uncomfortable. "So follow me." I say quietly. "Oh Luna, the librarian gave this to me to give to you." says Miss Bean. She handed me an envelope that said Salsa classes. "So your the girl starting soon." says Zero. I look at him surprised. "So you do salsa." I say.  "Yeah my mum and dad teaches it, we only have two guys and one other girl."He says. I look down at the floor as I'm walking. "So whats our first class." asks Zero. "English." I say. We walk in silence till we reach our english class. Mr Clark is in the room already. I open the door. "Luna could you wait till everyone arrives first please, I'm still getting the lesson ready." asks Mr Clark. "Sure." I say and I close the door. "We have to wait." I say. "Cool." Zero answers. It was silent before Zero spoke. "So do you have any other friends." asks Zero. "No, I don't." I say quietly. "Oh I would of thought someone as pretty as you would have friends." I look at him with confusion. He just smiles. I feel myself blush. "No one has ever said that to me before." I say. "Then all the guys in this school must be jerks." He answers. "You can say that again." I mumble. Zero laughs. I smile too. "I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow so I will look different." I say. "Really what salon?" He asks. "Ariana's Hair & Beauty." I answer. "Thats where my sister works I could meet you tomorrow if you like and I wil take you." He says quickly. "Urm sure." I smile.

This is great. I bearly know this guy and he is already showing signs that he wants to be my friend. If that is even possible. I mean I really wish he would be my friend. Then maybe I could feel better about myself and hopefully win Alex back.

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