I Wonder If

I wonder if you remember me.
Luna has always thought about this when her bestfriend Alex left her for another crowd when they reached high school. Luna, ever since the first day of high school has been alone. As she watches Alex from a distance she can't help what happened to him.
With a big decsion Luna changes her whole lifestyle. Her looks and she has even taken up dance lessons.
But will she end up winning him back? Or will Zero win her heart?


4. Ooops

English and Maths were very akward since Alex was in both of them. Him and Alice were giving me weird looks every lesson. If you don't know who Alice is then shes one of the popular, up-in-your-face kind of girl. She always wants to be centre of attention. I'm suprised Zero didn't go for her. I found it hard to concerntrate in maths because Zero kept on asking me questions about my personality. All I could answer was, "I don't know really". I sounded really lame. It still baffles me why he has taken an interest to me.

"So come on you have to have some sort of a personality." says Zero. "I really don't know, honestly." I answer. We were both in the library and we only had 10 minutes before our next lesson, which is P.E. "Fine would you like me to say something about your personality?" Zero asks. "Sure." I answer. "Well, from what I can tell so far, your a kind, caring, lovely and pretty girl." he says smiling. I blush. "Hi, my names Alice." I look up. Surprise surprise there's Alice and her minions smiling and crowding round Zero. I bury my head into my bag which was on the desk. "Hi, Zero." says Zero. "Thats an awesome name. So do you wanna hang out sometime." asks Alice. I look up a bit. Alice is stood there twizzling her hair round her finger. She is such an attention seeker. "Errr, thanks but no thanks, am already hanging around with Luna." he answers. I sit up straight. "Her, but she's a loser." says Alice. "Not really, she's really friendly if you get to know her, now if you don't mind, we need to go to class." Says Zero getting up. I get up too. Did Zero just ditch Alice for me. We exit quickly from the library and head for the sports hall. I hate P.E. "So are the boys seperate from the girls in P.E." asks Zero. "I guess you could say that, but there is no curtain to seperate the sports." I say. Zero nods. We enter the sports foyer and there are loads of crowds of gossiping. A few people stop and look at me and Zero and a few giggle. "Ignore the,." Zero whispers in my ear. It sends shivers down my spine. Most of the girls looked shocked as he did that but Zero just stands there and smiles. How does he do that.? Just acting cool around me. The bell goes for third lesson and everyone heads for the changing rooms.

Today it was basketball. A sport that I really disliked, in fact hated. Nobody ever picked me for team games and I always had to be put into groups. Today I was on Dani's team. One of Alice's minions. The game was going pretty well even though no one gave the ball to me. That was until Dani decided to throw the ball at me without any warning. "Hey pin head, catch this." she shouted. I turned around and BANG, I was knocked to the floor. I heard an up roar of laughter. I moved my hands away from my head and I realised that there was blood. I felt my nose. My nose was bleeding. "Luna are you okay." asked the P.E teacher. I didn't say anything. "Y-yeah I'm.." I didn't get to finish my sentence becuase I blacked out.

The next thing I knew, is that I was in a white room. I felt dizzy and light headed. I started to sit up. But got a massive head rush when I did. "Owww." I say. "Finally your awake." Says Zero. It made me jump. "How long was I out for." I ask. "About 20 minutes." he answers. I start to get out off the bed I was lying on. Zero gets up to help me. I'm glad he was there, because I stumbled a little bit. "Erm so do you remember what happened.?" asked Zero. "Yeah I remember Dani throwing the ball at me and shouting "Hey pin head." and then being knocked to the floor, then blacking out." I said quickly. Zero signed and let go of my arm. The nurse walks in. "Right Luna we have asked your parents to take you home early, your nose is just slightly swollen still and it looks a tini bit bruised." shes says. Thats just great. "Well what classes do I have next after lunch." laughs Zero. "Ummm, History then Science." I reply. "Okay, urm, here's my phone number so you can contact me." Says Zero handing me a piece of paper. I take it, "Thanks." "No problem." Zero leaves. I blush for the millionth time today. I put the paper in my pocket grab my bag and head for reception.

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