I Wonder If

I wonder if you remember me.
Luna has always thought about this when her bestfriend Alex left her for another crowd when they reached high school. Luna, ever since the first day of high school has been alone. As she watches Alex from a distance she can't help what happened to him.
With a big decsion Luna changes her whole lifestyle. Her looks and she has even taken up dance lessons.
But will she end up winning him back? Or will Zero win her heart?


2. My plan on changing

I burt in through my front door, and out of breath I entered my kitchen. Mum and dad must have instantly gave me weird looks. "How was your day sweetie." asked Mum, pouring a glass of water and handing it to me. I took it and had a big gulp. "It was okay I guess." I said between gasping for air. "Why did you run all the way home, Is Alex's mates bothering you again." asks Dad. "No, it's just I needed to get on my laptop quickly." I said. "Homework." asked Mum. "Yeah." I hate lying to my parents. "Okay, dinner is at half 4." said Mum. I leg it up the stairs.

Now the thing about my parents is they have high expectations for me. So being on my laptop is a big no no for them unless its homework. I dump my bag down on the floor and dive onto my bed. I get my laptop out from under the bed and turn it on. Thankfully it's fully charged. Once it had finished logging on I log into Facebook. Yes my parents don't know about this. No one ever talks to me, they just add and don't talk. I log straight back out as I can here Mum walking up the stars. I quickly search star constallations and pretend I'm interested. "Luna, we had a letter from school today, about a new student, they want you to show him around, he's in all of your classes apparently, he starts tomorrow." Mum says from behind my door. "Come in mum." I say still staring at the screen. "You are to meet him at reception at 8.15 tomorrow." says Mum. "Okay." I say. Mum exits the room and I switch into looking for local hairdressers in my area. Quite a few came up so I looked at the one called Ariana's Hair & Beauty. It was only in town. I looked at the prices for a cut and style. £32.00. I ran over to my jewllery box and unlocked it. My jewllery box was silver and it had mine and Alex's initials in it. It had little bits and pieces and photo's from our childhood. I smiled slightly. I then took out the first level and it revealed the second. This had all my money in it. I counted and I had £60.00. Enough for a hair cut and an outfit. I put the money back in and the first level, closed and locked the jewllery box. I then turned of my laptop and went downstairs, to tell my parents about my change of style. Mum and Dad were talking in the kitchen. They were talking about work. They both work in managing a play and they write scripts. It's an okay job and it pays a lot of money. I enter the kitchen just as mum was dishing up dinner. Lamb chops and gravy. Also vegatables. "So, um I wanted to talk to you both." I announced. "What is it Luna." asked Dad placing his newspaper down. "I will wait till Mum has sat down." I say. Mum finishes dishing up dinner and serves the dinner then sits down.  "Okay, I want to change how I look." I say. "Why would you want to do that." asks Mum. "Because I am not exactly the most... appealing looking girl, and the change won't affect my grades, I just want to change, I mean I look boring." I say. Mum gives dad a do-something look. Dad faces me. "If thats what you want to do then thats fine by me." Dad smiles. I smile to, but mum isn't happy. "I'm not sure, you look fine the way you are." Mum says. I give her a look thats says please-mum-it-would-mean-the-world. She stares at me uncomfortably. "Fine, if it will make you happy then go ahead." Mum says finaly giving in. "Thanks mum." I say. We finish eating dinner and wash up the dishes. I then go back upstairs and onto my laptop. I open up the website Ariana's Hair & Beauty. I booked my hair to be cut and styled on Thursday. Only two days away.

After about an hour of lounging around my room I decide to have a shower. I grab my wash things and head for the bathroom. I spend about twenty minutes in there. I then walk back into my room. I notice that my laptop was still logged onto Facebook. I had a message. Strange. It was from Alex. It read Hiya sorry about what I said today, I didn't mean for it to hurt you. Good luck finding a new friend. I just stared at the message. I close the message window down and log off of facebook. I then shut down the computer. I then lie on my bed. So, I am supposed to be showing this guy around tomorrow at 8.15. Thats 45minutes before everyone arrives. I sign and walk to my wardrobe and take out my outfit for tomorrow. I plain white shirt and plain grey skinny jeans. Also some white pumps. Talk about boring. I place them on my door hanger and climb under the warm covers of my bed. I glance at my clock. It reads 7.30. I shut my eyes and I soon drift off.

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