I Wonder If

I wonder if you remember me.
Luna has always thought about this when her bestfriend Alex left her for another crowd when they reached high school. Luna, ever since the first day of high school has been alone. As she watches Alex from a distance she can't help what happened to him.
With a big decsion Luna changes her whole lifestyle. Her looks and she has even taken up dance lessons.
But will she end up winning him back? Or will Zero win her heart?


1. Memories

Running through the playground, I remember me falling over on my first day of elementry school. I remember no body coming to see if I was alright. But you, you Alex, you came to me and you helped me up to get to a teacher. I remember the words you said that day to. "Let's be friends forever, nothing and no-one will break us apart." How was I supposed to prepare for what you did last week. How was I supposed to know that our friendship fell apart. You ignored me completely, you didn't talk or sit next to me. Instead you sat with another group of people, the people who I didn't get along with. Did you know how much that hurt. I can't say this to you out loud because the girls and guys you hang around with will laugh.

I exit my classroom slowly and miserably. What Alex has done hasn't sunk in yet. "Luna, you forgot your english book." says the teacher, Miss Henry. "Thanks." I say quietly. I grab my book and blush as I exit. A few girls giggled. I ignored it. Thats what all the students here do. Laugh at me. It's because I had blonde hair and green eyes. It's uncommon in this town. All the other girls have rich brown hair and brown eyes. I start to make my way down to the cafeteria. But as I do I bump into a familiar face. "Oops, sorry Luna." It was Alex. I look at him, "It's okay really." I say quickly. Alex smiles and walks away. I watch as he walks away. His perfect mouse brown hair is styled amazingly and his hazel eyes that are turned away frrom me. I can't help but think what happened to him. I turn my gaze away and contiue to head downstairs. As I reach the cafeteria, I sit down in my usual corner away from everyone and get out my sandwiches. It was cheese and cucumber today. I nibble on them quietly as I watch everyone laugh and gossip to each other. It was something that I missed. I sign. After I finish my lunch I throw my rubbish away and head for the library. Hardly anyone goes in there. I am a regular customer. I say Hello to the librarian and head for my usual corner. As I sit down and get comfy I get out my mirror. I stare at my reflection. I had a boring hair cut and a middle parting. I had clear skin but my face was shapeless and I had big purple bags under my eyes from where I hadn't been sleeping very well.  I put the mirror away and I get out a book from the shelf. It says, "The story of a lonely girl" I can relate to this so much. "Hey Luna." I froze . It was Alex. "Hi." I say quietly. Alex sits down beside me. "So how are you?" He asks. I look at him. "How I feel, I'm not the one who blanked you." I say bitterly. He looks at me with a wierd look. "Oh yeah, I bet your asking why I wasn't speaking to you." He said running his fingers through his hair. "I didn't speak to you because... well I didn't want to hurt your feelings of just telling you our friendship was over, so I just...left." he said. I choked back the tears. "Hey Alex come on man we gotta go." says one of Alex's friends. "Yeah coming man, well see ya Luna." Alex gets up. I get up too. He walks over to his mates. "What you doing talking to her, shes not exactly the most attractive girl I've seen." says one of them. I took in the words. "Well shes just an old friend of mine, am not exactly gonna ask her out, shes a loser." Those words stung.  The walked out. I just stood there. The tears trikkled down my cheeks. "Luna, don't listen to them." says the librarian. I wiped the tears away. "Hey Luna, do you want to join this salsa club thats starting soon at the dance studio in the market." asked the librarian. "Yeah why not." I answer.

After I applied for the salsa club, I went to my last lessons. They went by quickly, and as I walked out at the end of the day, I had an idea. A new hairstyle and make up. I was always told as a little girl that a full fringe and layers looked good in my hair, and I always practiced make up. Maybe then Alex would see that I'm not unattractive. Maybe just maybe. And with salsa lesson as well, a lovely combo. I smiled and ran all the way home.

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