Man Down

'Through all the mayhem and madness of central station I had still managed to hit my target.
He was finally down.
Justin Bieber was finished forever.
I was the girl who killed the Justin Bieber, I was the girl who took his heart when I pulled out my gun.
It was me; Brooke Olivia James.'

Only three years after Justin got into the wrong business, has it come back to bite him.


27. Update for those who enjoyed this story.

*waves excitedly*

Hello there everyone, how are you all? Excited for christmas (or any other festivity that you celebrate)?

Anyways, I just want to firstly thank everyone for reading this story and adding it to your favourites. I feel so loved! c':

Secondly, I'm thinking of writing a prequel to this and then publishing the sequel I've already began on another site, what are your thoughts on that?

Let me know, okey? Okey.


LOVE YOU ALL. - ReadingMinds.

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