Man Down

'Through all the mayhem and madness of central station I had still managed to hit my target.
He was finally down.
Justin Bieber was finished forever.
I was the girl who killed the Justin Bieber, I was the girl who took his heart when I pulled out my gun.
It was me; Brooke Olivia James.'

Only three years after Justin got into the wrong business, has it come back to bite him.


18. Seventeen

Brooke’s P.O.V;

I looked around the room I had been staying in for the past week and a half. It was tired and dreary looking and the windows had all steamed up with condensation. Jake had been removed from this room and kept in a more child-friendly one, away from me.

The state I was in wasn’t good for him and even I knew that. That’s why today I’m changing.

I got up from hard mattress and walked over to the conjoined bathroom, I opened the door and came face to face with my reflection in the mirror.

Wow. I looked a mess, I needed to shower.

I set the temperature and waited a few minutes for it to heat up, I then undressed and stepped in letting the heated water soak my body giving me a warm feeling inside.

After I washed and got dried I headed back to the bedroom with a towel around my body and hair. I pulled open the wardrobe doors and grabbed a pair of sweats, a vest top and some plimsolls.

I got my underwear and put that on first then threw on my outfit.

I towel dried my hair and untangled it with a comb before pulling it back into a neat plait.

That was my transformation complete.

I was finally ready to leave this room; the hell hole I created for myself.

Before I left I slung open a few windows to let fresh air in and put the extractor fan on in the bathroom.

I shut off the lights and left the room heading down the hall way.

I passed Justin’s room and Joe’s room, then stood at the top of the staircase.

C’mon Brooke, you’ve got this far, Keep going; I thought to myself.

I took the first step with hesitation but after that my feet moved naturally down each step until I reached the bottom.

I heard laughter in the kitchen so that’s where my instincts and feet took me.


Justin’s P.O.V;

I was with Joe and Jake in the kitchen area. We were messing around with cutlery because Jake insisted he could make a car out of spoons.

I laughed at Joe who was now pouting like a five year old, Jake had torn down his stack of forks and spoons that he had spent the last half an hour building.

I know I don’t seem much of a murderer or a violent person but what can I say? Kids bring out the best in me.

Joe swatted at my own stack of cutlery and I protectively leapt forward knocking it over myself. Jake laughed rolling around on the floor. He turned to face the door and his face lit up “Mwommy!” he called out running from me and Joe.

I turned to look at a fresh, new Brooke. She beamed radiance when Jake ran to her legs.

She bent over and swung him to her hip wrapping her arms around him tightly. “Morning Sweety, what have you been doing?” She looked over at me and Joe with a smile on her face

“Mwommy I’m building a car.. And Joe and Justin are idwiots! They knocked theirs over!” Jake laughed making Brooke’s smile widen as she chuckled along.

I stood up from the floor and dusted myself off smiling back at Brooke “Nice to see you again Brooke,”  I grinned. She nodded and looked at Joe.

“I’m sorry to have been such a pain to both of you, and I’m sorry to have just left you with these idiots” she pinched Jake’s cheek laughing.

Joe smiled “Thanks, but there’s only one idiot here and that’s Justin eh” I shot a look at Joe and he shook his head laughing.

“Bro you knocked your own stack down.. Jake knocked mine over, making me much less of an idiot” He explained, I shrugged and turned back to Brooke.

“Can I get you anything to eat or drink?” I asked.

She nodded her head enthusiastically “Yes please, I’m starving!”

I smiled and walked to the fridge getting out some ingredients for pancakes “Who wants pancakes?!” I asked excitedly immediately knowing what Jake’s reaction would be. He wriggled out of Brooke’s grasp and started bouncing around the kitchen. I laughed and started mixing the ingredients.

“You gotta help idiot number one there tidy up this mess first and I’ll get them made.” Jake nodded, racing around picking up each spoon and fork.

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