Man Down

'Through all the mayhem and madness of central station I had still managed to hit my target.
He was finally down.
Justin Bieber was finished forever.
I was the girl who killed the Justin Bieber, I was the girl who took his heart when I pulled out my gun.
It was me; Brooke Olivia James.'

Only three years after Justin got into the wrong business, has it come back to bite him.


10. Nine

Justin’s P.O.V;
I couldn’t believe this girl, Brooke, was the same girl that had shot me last week. She didn’t seem strong enough to be her. She cried all the journey back to mine and Joe’s apartment and fair enough she was upset about the whole Jake thing but at least she wasn’t leaving him behind, and still even if she was she should be used to all the drama.
Maybes I’m just not the understanding type, but I really wish she would just stop crying her heart out already.
“We’re here.” I said in monotone as I got out the car. I slammed the door and walked round to Brooke’s side to let her out.
“Dude! Alice!” Craig scowled at me. I couldn’t honestly give a fuck anymore, that’s exactly why I slammed Brooke’s door too. I gained a glare from Craig but I could live with that.
I grabbed Brooke’s arm and pulled her gently towards the front door. Joe must have been waiting because he immediately pulled open the door and stood aside for us to enter.
“Joe,” I nodded at him and he frowned.
“Kid?” he asked simply
“Hers” I replied just as simply and carried on through to the living area.
“This is just temporary. We can’t keep you here, even if we were going to this guy messed that up.” I said ruffling his hair playfully.
What? I have nothing against kids, and it isn’t his fault his mom tried to murder me is it? No.
“Hmm” she sighed
I groaned, she was making it hard to be happy. “Steve,” I called out, he came through from the kitchen and smiled.
“Hey Brooke, nice to see you again” I stared blankly at him.
“Are you kidding me?” she whispered “Why do I have to know the people who are kidnapping me?”
“Look, I wouldn’t have grassed on you if it wasn’t for your conniving little boss” Brooke sighed.
“Tell me about it.” She replied with no emotion. I was completely lost by this point.
“Can somebody explain what you’re both on?” Joe asked standing beside me
“Steve dated my boss Jade Asgill and she broke it off saying he was a prick and all men are the same. That’s how you found me. He came to you ready to tell all just to get revenge on her. I was her most prized ‘employee’ and you just removed me from the equation basically.” Brooke continued “As for why I shot Justin will remain a mystery, I cannot and will not grass on my boss even though she is the bane of mine and my sons life.” She looked at Jake and kissed his cheek lightly.
My heart swelled a little in my chest and my breath caught in my throat. Right then and there I was given flash backs of my youth.

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