Man Down

'Through all the mayhem and madness of central station I had still managed to hit my target.
He was finally down.
Justin Bieber was finished forever.
I was the girl who killed the Justin Bieber, I was the girl who took his heart when I pulled out my gun.
It was me; Brooke Olivia James.'

Only three years after Justin got into the wrong business, has it come back to bite him.


15. Fourteen

Justin’s P.O.V;

We’d lost her.

She escaped with her son and we chased her down but couldn’t catch her.

Brooke had either outrun us, which seemed very unlikely, or she had hidden somewhere.

She wasn’t familiar with these parts though, and I was so if she was hiding I should have no trouble finding her.

But I was pissed anyways.      

I couldn’t believe she had got away.

I still didn’t have any particular reason for kidnapping her and Jake apart from the fact that she shot me and I wanted revenge, I also needed answers but I was no doubt in for a long wait for those,  but I couldn’t praise myself for letting her go so easily.


I kicked myself hard, mentally, and huffed as I drove around in my newly acquired Mercedes. The lights were dimmed and I was basically cruising down street after dingy street searching for Brooke.

I came to a stop at a red light and waited a minute or two flicking my thumbs together on top of the steering wheel. I contemplated what would happen if, and when I found Brooke.

Punish her?

Take Jake away from her?

Kill her?

No, I couldn’t do the last one. I couldn’t bare to kill her, I think she had kinda grown on me the last few days. I know, soppy right?

Well no I’m not falling in love with her.

I hate her! She attempted to murder me!

But I just could not, no matter if I was forced, kill her.

My eyes flickered to the now green light then back to the road ahead, I pressed my foot against the accelerator lightly and carried on driving around. I scanned the streets once again looking at all the faces in the darkness. It was 9:00pm and the sky had gone a deep blue shade.

I yawned and rubbed my eyes with the back of one of my hands as I slowly continued to drive. I was going to give up soon, I never had much patience when it came to stuff like this.

My phone buzzed and I looked over to where it was on the dash board.

A text.

I pulled up on a curb and cut the engine sliding over to reach for my phone, the message read ‘any luck yet bro?’, it was from Joe. I sighed and keyed back ‘hardly, i'ma make my way back soon.’ And clicked send.

That’s when I noticed something.

I looked closer, switching off the head lights. I squinted my eyes in the now dim street, only lit with a faulty lamp.

It was her, it was them.

Brooke and Jake, huddled in between garbage dumpsters.

My heart slammed against my chest as I stared out at Jake cuddled onto his mother’s lap. They seemed to be shivering a lot.

I opened my car door and stepped out cautiously closing it again. I hesitantly walked towards Brooke and Jake, wary that any sudden movements might send them freaking like squirrels or something.


“Brooke?” I coughed out, my face probably covered with concern.

Her eyes shot up and she flinched away from my presence.

“Brooke, I wont hurt you” I tried reassuring her

“I don’t blame you,” her voice croaked “I wont blame you, if you.. if you do” I sighed and knelt down beside her.

“How many times do I need to say this Brooke? I will not hurt you or Jake” I pulled her body towards mine and wrapped my arms around her soothingly.

“Wow, You’re like ice! You both need to get back indoors. C’mon, I’ll take you back home” I said standing up and pulling Brooke and Jake up with me.

Brooke shook her head and pulled away in fear “Home home or your home Justin?” she asked sceptically

“Brooke, you know I can’t let you go home for real. I’ve told you you gotta stay with me for a while, you understand that. You’re just like me you should know by now.” I replied looking at her with sad eyes.

“Don’t remind me.” She whispered back nodding her head with a pained expression on her face.  “Sorry Baby,” she lifted Jake’s chin and looked him in his tear filled eyes. “I’m sorry this is happening again”

I held back a groan as I realised I was once again ruining this poor boy’s life before it even started.

Why did she have to be a mother?


I pulled into the drive way of the house and unhooked my seat belt, I reached over to Brooke and unhooked hers too then smiled at her reassuringly. She returned a weak smile then opened her door and lifted Jake out with her.

I guess it’s gonna be another one of those nights.

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