Man Down

'Through all the mayhem and madness of central station I had still managed to hit my target.
He was finally down.
Justin Bieber was finished forever.
I was the girl who killed the Justin Bieber, I was the girl who took his heart when I pulled out my gun.
It was me; Brooke Olivia James.'

Only three years after Justin got into the wrong business, has it come back to bite him.


19. Eighteen

Brooke’s P.O.V;

I leant against the work top next to Justin, he was pouring the last of the pancake batter into the frying pan.

“Hmm smells nice, when did you learn to make pancakes then? I couldn’t even fit in seeing my son never mind this,” I waved my hands for emphasis “When I worked for Jade”

Justin flipped the pancake and placed it onto a plate, popping his collar in the process.

I laughed at him and he winked “You know how I do..”

“I have nothing to say to that” I laughed “These pancakes may be rubbish you realise that?”

He held his hands across his chest in mock horror “That hurt” he said dramatically.

I laughed again, why was he making me so happy?

I shook it off and grabbed a plate of pancakes setting them in front of my hyperactive son.

Justin pulled out a chair for me to sit at and I took it willingly.

He sat opposite me and started on his pancakes.


“Justin those were.. good” I said complimenting the maple syrup and chocolate covered pancakes I had just stuffed down my throat.

He popped his collar once again smirking “Don’t.” I said before he could continue anymore smug actions “I’ve shot you once, Don’t give me another reason to do it again” I winked and he laughed.

“Good times eh” I shook my head and he smiled.

“Brooke?” he asked sounding a little more serious again.

I looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to continue.

“You remember when we were going to go out? You, me and Jake?” he asked, I nodded remembering.

It was the same day I threatened to shoot him again; the same day I escaped.

“Yeah I remember vaguely, why?” I asked suspiciously

“Um.. I was wondering if you still wanted to erm.. go out?” he asked scratching the back of his neck nervously.

I stifled a chuckle and smiled “I’d love to” he smiled back to me dropping his hand.

“Cool” he simply said before getting up from the table and picking up our dishes.

I dried the plates, pan and other utensils Justin had used to make breakfast and he put them away.

Once we had finished Justin told me he was going to get cleaned up and changed then he’d meet me and Jake back down stairs.

He left the kitchen and I went to play with Jake who was hanging about with Joe in the living area.

“Hey” I said sitting down on the sofa and watching them play thumb wars.

“Hey, how are you feeling?” Joe asked me smiling.

I smiled back feeling a little more comfortable “Much better thanks, what are you guys doing?” I asked, Jake grinned big as he gripped Joe’s thumb again.

“Mommy I’m winning thumb wars” he announced triumphantly.

“You’re cheating!” Joe cried in a baby voice and Jake just laughed.

I wasn’t paying much attention anymore to anything in particular when someone tapped my shoulder.

I looked to the side of me and saw Justin stood, his hair had been brushed roughly with his fingers, he had changed into a grey and white plaid shirt, a wife beater and black skinny jeans with black supras.

I could smell his Herrera Cologne clearly and he looked like he had made quite an effort. I smiled at him and he smiled back before asking if I was ready to go, his minty breath spread throughout the room and I just felt like taking a deep breath of it.

I shook my head, firstly to get the weird sensations I was getting out of my system and secondly to signal that I wasn’t ready.

I looked down at my own clothes and I looked a mess. I decided to get changed.

I told Justin I’d not be long and he nodded sitting down.

I rushed upstairs and scanned through my wardrobe picking out red skinny jeans, a white long-sleeved vest and a cream and red striped knitted shirt. I threw the clothes on, put a touch of eye make up and pale lipstick on then I tied my hair up into a ribbon and I was good to go.

I walked cautiously down the stairs, still uncertain of my costume change. I caught the attention of the three boys; Joe, Justin and Jake.

Jake jumped up from the floor and jogged to my side grabbing my hand.

“Mwommy Justin told me we’re going out, You look pwetty..” he said smiling up at me. I smiled back and looked back to Justin. Joe had walked through to the kitchen and I could hear him chuckling. Justin just glared after him.

I coughed to grab his attention and his eyes jolted back to me.

“Are you ready then?” I asked finishing the stairs.

He nodded and walked over to me “Brooke, you look um... Beautiful.” He said with a sheepish grin on his face. I blushed slightly and smiled.

“Thanks, shall we go?” I asked and Justin nodded.

I grabbed Jake’s hand again and we walked outside to Justin’s car.

I put Jake in the back booster seat Justin had purchased and then shut the door.

Justin held open the passenger door for me and I blushed climbing in.

“Such a gentleman Justin,” I giggled as he got in beside me and buckled his belt.

“Shhh, don’t tell everyone. It’ll ruin my rep” he winked gunning the engine.

I chuckled, sighing in content as I layed my head against the window.

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