Look Closer

Eva is a pretty good pupil. She get straight A's and occaisional B's. She is populour and boys like her. But her life is about to change forever. Somebody will find out her deepest and darkest secret. Eva is a vampire!


4. My Secret revealed

After I finished my home work I went downtown to meet Tammy.

"Hey, Eva! Over here!"

I seen Tammy next to the butchers. Great. The butchers, thats all I need. I felt a strange tingle in my mouth. These were my fangs. The meat was bloody and looked so good.

"Hey Eva! What's up?" asked Tammy, sounding slightly worried.

" Oh nothing, mmm... can we please go some where else?" I muttered.

"Um, ok!" said Tammy, leaving a long pause between ech word.

We walked over to the library, right next to the public loos.

"I'm just going to the loo." I lied.

"Ok, I'll meet you in the sci-fi section in the library." Tammy replied.

I walked into the booth and sat on the toilet lid for about a minute. I walked out of the booth and stood infront of the mirror. Somebody came in to the loos but I didn't hear them. I was to busy smiling infront of the mirror.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the person screamed.

I had forgotten to close my mouth. I managed to catch a glimpse of the person who seen my fangs.


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