Look Closer

Eva is a pretty good pupil. She get straight A's and occaisional B's. She is populour and boys like her. But her life is about to change forever. Somebody will find out her deepest and darkest secret. Eva is a vampire!


3. Mum

I heard the front door opening. I knew that Mum was home. I tried to run up the stairs before she could see me. I was too late.

" Eva! Your home! I thought I missed you!" she said.

"So did I," I mumbled under my breath.

I love my Mum but some times she really gets on my nerves.

" I worked so hard at the site today, would you rub my feet Eva?" asked Mum.

No way! I wasn't going to rub her feet in a million years! Ever!

"Mmmm... I've got to do my homework! Yeah, my homework, thats it!" I mumbled.

My Mum is pretty, like model type, not a builder. She is really tall, around six foot. She has blonde hair with dark hilights. She has high cheek bones and a tan face. She has the most brilliant blue eyes and long lashes. My Mum should not be a builder.

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