Look Closer

Eva is a pretty good pupil. She get straight A's and occaisional B's. She is populour and boys like her. But her life is about to change forever. Somebody will find out her deepest and darkest secret. Eva is a vampire!


2. Home

The bell rang. I was free! I grabbed my balzer and my bag and headed.

"Bye!" Tammy shouted.

I walked down the corridor to find the caretaker sitting in his chair. Creepy Conor,we call him.

"Watch that floor with your muckey feet!" he called.

I didn't like the caretaker.Muddy feet? We hadn't been outside all day!

As the bus pulled up to my stop I let out a sigh. I didn't want to go home. Not back to my strange parents. You see my dad is a scientist, right normal,yeah? But my mother, did what some might say is a mans job, my mother is a builder.

I took out my keys and unlocked the door.

"I'm home!"

No reply. I tried again.

"Dad? Mum? Are you there?"

"Hey honey!" said Dad.

I screamed. Most people think that vampires aren't sacred of anything, but they're wrong. I am scared of alot of things.

I walked into the living room. My living room is painted blue,so you always feel cold, even if there is a fire lit. I switched on the T.V. Buffy the Vampire slayer. I hate programes like this, so I switched to the movie channel. Twilight. Uhhh, why do normal people have to be so obsessed with vampires! And by the way, we vampires don't bite, not a single human has been bitten since 1819!

I walked into the kitchen was painted red, so you always feel really warm in the kitchen. I grabbed myself a juice. Why me?


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