Look Closer

Eva is a pretty good pupil. She get straight A's and occaisional B's. She is populour and boys like her. But her life is about to change forever. Somebody will find out her deepest and darkest secret. Eva is a vampire!


6. Gossip

The next day at school Tammy would not talk to me. She sat with a group of girls gossiping. About me.

"Tammy!" I cried.

She ignored me. I tried again.


No reply. It was hopeless. She was clearly ignoring me.

In history Nicole Regina leaned over and wispered in my ear.

"Buffy is coming to get you!"

Tammy had told everyone my secret!

At lunch I sat beside James Rice, and everone moved up to the next table.

During English the Headmaster came into the room and asked to see me.

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