My little secret

19 year old Indy is just a normal girl who is dating Louis Tomlinson. Its just that she has a little secret she cant tell anyone.


2. Safe keeping

Indy's p.o.v
"Hi Lou!" I said smiling walking through the door.
"Hi Indy!" He said hugging me.
"Guess what today is!" Louis looked at me puzzled.
"Its the day we get a day to ourselves!" Since Lou and I both have jobs as famous singers, we barely get time to ourselves. Oh did i forget to mention that before? well im in a girl band called 'hush hush'
"Oh yaay! What are we gonna do?" Louis smirked and kissed me
*beep beep beep*
"Damn it! It was just a dream." I said pulling myself out of bed. I put on my black leggings on with a cropped top on. I grabbed my white vans and grabbed my phone. Today we were recording our new song 'battle against the world'
"Hey Indy!" Sammi said to ms
"Oh hey sammi! Excite about the new song?"
She nodded excitedly "can hardly wait!"
We started singing with the other three (josie, maddy and biliie) I always laugh when i see pur names weitten down because they always have similar endings. Anyway after we finished recording, i got a text from Lou.
"Hey babe, the new song sounds great! Xx"
I ran put to see Louis standing there smiling. I ran and hugged him and he laughed and hugged back.
"Ive missed you so much lou!"
"Ive missed you too babe!"
We kissed and i had to go back and record some orher songs. I walked back out and Louis was gone. I sighed and went home. The usual day for me and Louis. Great.
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