My Fantasy

After having a huge row with her mum, Katie packs her bags and leaves for London. She finds a hospice and stays there for a couple of days but then soon wanders the streets with her huge rucksack looking for somewhere to stay and who should show up.....?


2. The Train

"Tickets please." The lady said as she walked up the aisle. "Can I have your ticket please." I handed over my ticket and she hole punched it and gave it back to me. She smelt strong of cigarettes, it made me splutter.

The whole of the journey I slept, until about the last 15 mins which I sat reading "OK" magazine. Urggghh just the usual gossip about the Wanted, JLS, One Direction, ohhhh the X factor, I missed last weeks one, who got voted off? What? MK1? But they were amazing, ahhh Kye should have gone, I didn't like him.

Suddenly the Train pulled in, I quickly packed my things back into my handbag and reached up for my giant backpack, It was the one I used last year for D of E. And it was really heavy. I jumped off the train, and i made my way towards the Hospice, whilst looking at my map. I went out onto the street, still looking at my map. And I suddenly bumped into someone, "Oh, I'm terribly sorry." I heard myself say. "Hahahaha no worries." I looked up and a incredibly hot boy was standing in front of me he had such a cheeky grin and his hair was all curly and messed up, it was cute and his eyes were bright green, I mean really green.

Harry's P.O.V

I was so angry at Zayne for saying that, so I stormed out of the apartment wanting to get some air, and suddenly this girl bumps into me. She picked up her map and said, "I'm terribly sorry." and then looked up at me, Wow, she was really pretty, wait she was stunning, her hair was tied up into a bun with little bits of hair spilling out here and there, and her eyes, wow they were so big and blue, and her lips were so big, all I could do was just smile, and then I realized that she spoke and that I hadn't replied, all I could do was laugh a bit and say "no worries" who says that? No worries, man I must have sounded like such a douche. 

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