My Fantasy

After having a huge row with her mum, Katie packs her bags and leaves for London. She finds a hospice and stays there for a couple of days but then soon wanders the streets with her huge rucksack looking for somewhere to stay and who should show up.....?


5. The Kiss

The next day I woke up in bed. Where the hell was I? Oh yes, I remember, I'm in Harry Styles bed. Great. I looked over to see Harry on the floor lying on a couple of blankets and cushions. I quietly stepped over him and padded towards the bathroom. Ohmygod. I looked a complete mess, I forgot to take my mascara off last night and it had smudged all down my face and I looked like a bloody panda.I quickly got out some wipes and redid my make-up then I went back into the bedroom and picked up my clothes from my bag. Suddenly two hands grabbed me and pulled me to the ground. "MORNING!" Harry half shouted! "Oh my god, Harry! You'll wake everyone up, and now I'm deaf." 

He tackled me down to the ground and sat above me tickling me. "AHAHAHAHA Harry please STOP!" I screamed. "Errrr is everything alright in there?" I heard Louis call from the other side of the door.

"Everything is fine, Harry is just attacking me that's all!" I said calling through the door.

"Ahahaha ummmm ok then." And I heard his footsteps go down the corridor.

"Harry will you please stop, I need to go and get dressed." He looked down at me moving towards my face and then he was about to kiss me but I suddenly got up "Ummmm have you seen my shoes anywhere?" I asked rather awkwardly. 

"Yeah last time I saw them they were under my bed." He said rather embarrassed.

"So, what are we doing today?" I asked him.

"Ummmm well Louis and Zayne wanted to go to the cinema and watch the new James Bond film, Skyfal, I heard it was really good." He said getting up from the floor where his "Bed" was.

"Yeah ohmygosh it looked really good, can we go see it?" I said getting excited. 

"Ahahaha yeah we were gonna go anyway." He said getting his clothes on. I went over to the bed and looked under it to see if my shoes were under there. I found them and shoved them on. When I stood up, Harry was just standing right there, right in front of me. He leaned in and his lips touched mine, sending warmth through my body. He deepened the kiss and then we broke off. 

"I...errr....I better go down and make some breakfast." I said rather awkwardly.

"Ahhh yeah okay." Harry said. I left him in the bedroom to gather his thoughts before he came downstairs.

Harry's P.O.V.

I look up to see if Katie was asleep and she was, her beautiful face was leaning on the pillow, I just kept looking at her, looking at how beautiful she was. I turned in bed and sighed and tried to go back to sleep. I heard some rattling going on in the bathroom about 2 mins later after I had lightly dozed. I looked up at the bed and Katie wasn't in there. She suddenly came out of the bathroom, and I grabbed her and pulled her down wrestling her to the floor, she giggled, gosh her laugh was I leaned in to kiss her but she got up and then started fumbling on about her shoe or something. "Yeah they were under my bed." I said. I decided to go in for the kill again I moved over to where she was and once she stood up and turned around she just looked at me, and I leaned in and kissed her. Wow, it was like fireworks setting off on my lips. We broke it off and She went downstairs to go and eat breakfast.   

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