My Fantasy

After having a huge row with her mum, Katie packs her bags and leaves for London. She finds a hospice and stays there for a couple of days but then soon wanders the streets with her huge rucksack looking for somewhere to stay and who should show up.....?


9. Niall and Ivy

Niall's P.O.V.

We were all upstairs laughing around, and Harry was telling us that he like Katie a lot, but he didn't know what to say. "Boys! Ivy's here!" Shouted Katie, we all ran down stairs excited to see her friend "Ivy". We all came into the lounge and there was an extremely beautiful girl there standing. Her hair was mid length, brown and wavy, her eyes were a deep green, and her face was so petite! She was so cute. But then I suddenly realized that I hadn't introduced myself! "Oh, sorry. Hi, I'm Niall, errrr nice to Ummmm meet you!" I said stupidly, Urggghh I made a complete fool out of myself! Oh, my god and she likes Nandos, Wow she is one in a million.

Ivy's P.O.V.

When I came through the front door, Katie called for the boys to come down. Oh. My. God. I was about to meet Niall Horan. Ahhh, I am so excited. They all came into the room and introduced themselves. Last of all Niall introduced himself. He shook my hand! Ahhhhh I'm so lucky!

Katie's P.O.V.

Me and Harry went upstairs to talk in his room about Ivy and Niall. "They just look so sweet together!" I said smiling to myself.

"Yeah..." Harry said looking down.

"Harry, what's wrong?" I asked suddenly looking at him.

"Nothing, it's just, well...... nothing." He said giving up.

"Harry, I want to know, please tell me." I pleaded, looking into his emerald green eyes.

"I-I well, I really like you Katie, and I would love to spend more time with you, what do you say?" He said looking up at me. "Will you go out with me?"


Hiya guys, this is the end of the book but I'm making a sequel so make sure you look out for "My fantasy #Book 2" It will be "out" soon. Please give me some feed back, I would love to here from you guys! Thanks for reading!

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