My Fantasy

After having a huge row with her mum, Katie packs her bags and leaves for London. She finds a hospice and stays there for a couple of days but then soon wanders the streets with her huge rucksack looking for somewhere to stay and who should show up.....?


4. Nandos

We all clambered into the car, Zayne was driving and Liam was next to him in the passengers seat. I was in the middle on the back seat and I had Niall on one side of me and Louis on the other, and Harry was sitting next to Niall. Niall was getting really excited, and started fighting with Louis over me. "Hey guys, quit it. What are, like 7?" Harry said rather annoyed. 

"WE'RE HERE!!!" Niall shouted and climbed over me to get out the car.

"Oh my god, he's keen isn't he!" I said to harry. He just laughed and rolled his eyes. suddenly loads of flashes stunned me as soon as I got out the car after Louis. "Just keep on walking and don't answer any questions." Harry said in my ear. I didn't understand, had there been a crime, why were there so many photographers? Once we were inside, we sat at a table with Niall opposite Louis - bad idea, Harry opposite Zayne and Liam opposite me. Niall ordered half the menu and ate half of my meal, which I couldn't finish! We were all done, but we had to wait for Niall to finish his bloody ice cream, he kept going up for more toppings and kept squirting the Mr Whippy-like ice cream out of the machine. Finally we were done. But I still hadn't got round to asking Harry why there were so many photographers.

"The paparazzi are killing me!" Niall moaned. As we got back into the car.

"Really, I would have thought you would be already dead by the amount of food you ate in there!" Zayne teased. Wait, did he say paparazzi? But..... but that's only for celebrities. I checked my twitter on my phone and it was going crazy, I had more than 5,000 followers and there were photos of me tagged saying "Who is this Girl? And who is her love bird from 1D?" 1D... where have I heard that from, OH.MY.GOD. They are one direction! Ahhh shit how come I've been so blind not to see it. Expensive phones, giant flat, really handsome, of course they were in some boy band. Of course they all thought I already knew that they were One Direction, but no, I didn't know at all, until now.

Once we got back Niall and Louis ran off to the sofas and sat down or rather jumped on them and then sat down, and turned on the telly. "Just So You Know" news was on and there were photos of me all over it coming out of the car and going into Nandos. "Hey, Babe come and have a look at this! Your famous, ahahaha." Louis called from the sofa.

"Oh my god! My mum is going to see this!" I gasped

"Ahahaha don't worry, I don't think your mum will find out." Harry said suddenly behind me.

"Ummmm you don't know my mum very well then, she stalks me on anything possible." I said.

"Ahahahaha well don't worry for now, you can worry when she rings you up or something." Harry teased.

"Okay, ummmm where should I go put my things?" I asked picking up my bags I slumped down by the door.

"Ohhh yeah come with me and i'll show you." Harry said and he bought me up to a room which was really messy. "You can sleep on the bed, and i'll go on the floor." He said.

"No, i'll go on the floor and you can go on the bed." I said sternly.

"I know, why don't we both go on the bed?" he asked jokingly.

"Harry! You can't say things like that! I'll go on the floor, and that's settled."

"Ahhh whatever babes, we'll talk about it later." He said laughing as we walked out of the room. I always felt so comfortable around the boys, they were so easy to be around, making jokes messing around - especially Niall and Louis! They wouldn't stop winding each other up!

"Katie?" Liam called from the kitchen.

"Yeah?" I replied.

"Your phone is ringing and it's flashing ""mum""." Liam said, smirking.

"ahhhh shit." I said as I ran into the kitchen.

"Good luck." He said chuckling.


"Katie! Why on earth are you on telly, and the internet! Who are these boys, they certainly aren't the "friends" you were talking about! And they are BOYS! You can't live with 5 BOYS for 6 months! Are you CRAZY?" She shouted down the phone. I pulled the phone away from my ear, ouch.

"Look mum, you knew I was staying with some friends, and you can't judge who they are, I have to go mum, I'll talk to you soon." And with that I hung up.


Hey guys, I was wondering what you think of the story so far? If you think there is anything that I should add in my next chapter or you have any ideas, please comment! Thanks so much for reading, I'll be writing my next chapter soon! 

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