My Fantasy

After having a huge row with her mum, Katie packs her bags and leaves for London. She finds a hospice and stays there for a couple of days but then soon wanders the streets with her huge rucksack looking for somewhere to stay and who should show up.....?


8. Ivy

Okay so my best friend Ivy was coming today, and she was really excited because she was gonna see Niall, who she actually has a mega crush on him, It's so sweet! She is gonna crash on the couch downstairs. 

I got up and had a shower, and went downstairs into the kitchen, everyone was up except for Louis. "Katie, why don't you go upstairs and wake Louis up?" Zayne said sniggering.

"Errrrm I don't think that's a good idea, Louis not a morning person." I said.

"No no no, you'll be fine just knock on the door and shout wake up." Niall said laughing, "I'll come with you if you like?" 

"Ahahaha okay." I said, walking up the stairs with Niall. 

"Okay, on the count of three run into his room, and chuck this on his head." Niall said giving me a bottle of water.

"NO! I'm not doing that, you can." I said astonished.

"Okay." He said and grinned. We walked into his room quietly and Niall had the bottle of water above his head about to pour it. "Niall, I seriously don't think this is a good idea." I said looking at the fast asleep Louis. "Nahhh trust me, it will be funny." He said unscrewing the bottle. "WAKE UP!" Niall shouted and poured the water all over his head. Poor Louis, I really felt sorry for him. Then Niall legged it out the room just in time before Louis got to his feet. "What the hell?" He shouted. He then picked me up and ran downstairs with me over his shoulder. "AHHHH put me down! It was Niall!" I screamed. 

"I don't think so." he said. Urggggg I am going to get Niall back for this.

"NIALL! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" I shouted as Louis pasted him in the kitchen. He dropped me on the sofa and pinned me down and tickled me. "ARGGGGG! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! S-S-STOP! PLEASE!" I screamed and laughed. He finally stopped when Harry gave him the look, it was a "Hands off, she's mine look" and Louis stopped and got up. "Errrr I better go upstairs and have a-a-a-a errrmm shower, yeah." Louis said and walked out the room.

The rest of the day I got ready for Ivy. It was 1:30pm so I got my stuff and went to go and get her from the train station. "IVY!" I screamed as I ran up to her. 

"Awwww Kate, I've missed you so much! I can't believe you are staying in One Directions house! Ahhh this is just unbelievable!" She said jumping on the spot.

"Ivy! Will you keep your voice down I don't want to encourage any paparazzi." I hissed.

"Right, yeah sorry of course, I completely forgot. But still I'm actually gonna meet Niall Horan!" She said getting over excited. I calmed her down and we walked up to the flat. I got the key out that Harry lent me and opened the door. We got to the lift and got inside. "Oh my god. Oh. my god. Oh my god." Ivy kept going on hyperventilating. "Hey, Ivy, calm down, you just gotta be cool around them, don't look like a prat, seriously." Ivy was one of my best friends, I pretty much spent all day with her. Of course I did have other friends Abi and Nandini but they were still up in Shropshire. All my friends were absolutely crazy, but I loved them to bits. We got to the flat and I opened the door. None of the boys were in the lounge or kitchen. "Boys! Ivy's here." I shouted up the stairs. We could here them coming down the stairs. "Oh. My. God." Ivy said as we heard them. 

"Hey calm down." I warned her. The boys came into the lounge and introduced themselves. 

"Hello, I'm Zayne, vas happening?" He said, as he shook her hand.

"Hey. I'm Liam, nice to meet you." He said and gave her a hug.

"Hi, I'm Harry." Harry said and gave her a hug.

"Hiya, I'm Louis, nice to finally meet you." He said and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Then it was Niall's turn, but he just stood there. "Oh, sorry. Hi, I'm Niall, errrr nice to ummm meet you." He said and shook her hand. Ivy blushed and so did Niall. You could see they were gonna get on fine. "Come on Ivy I'll go put your things over there. You hungry?" I asked her, but she was too busy looking at Niall.

"Ivy?" I said once more so she could here me.

"What? Oh yeah, sorry. I was wondering if we could go to Nandos later? Or tomorrow?" She asked sheepishly.

"Oh my god! I love Nandos!" Niall said from the fridge.

"Okay then, that's settled we'll go tomorrow, seems that we went the day before yesterday." Harry said laughing.


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