Nightmare Skypemare

This is a story about two ordinary school girls; Issie and Lola. They are best friends, they do everything together. One day after school they want to meet up at the park. So they do. But then they meet a boy, they both instantly fall in love with him the moment they see his tear stained face. He says his girl friend found another boy so they arrange to meet up, on skype. Lola is the sensible one and goes off in a strop. Issie desides to take her chances with this mysterious figure. But only because she's jealous of her best friend. But is he really who he says he is and is Issie in danger?


1. Nightmare Skypemare

"And... class dismissed," Miss May bellowed.

I went to my tray, collected my books and went to the cloakroom to put my stuff in my bag. I was about to go home when I heard someone call my name, "Issie, wait up," My BFF, Lola, called after me, running as fast as her little legs could carry her. She finally caught up, "Well, I was thinking we haven't met up after school in ages so i was wondering do you want to go to the park to you know, just, hang out,"

"Sure, I'd love to. Just wait outside the school gates in our secret place in the junior playground," I replied.


The next day's lessons dragged on. I passed a note to Lola during the lessons it said,


Whot is the time. Whow much longr is it untill we go to the parc? I cannot tell the time. If yuo get told of then blam it on me. I do not mind. Just replie on the botom off this noet. Thanks, Issie.

I'm not very good at spelling. Or maths for that matter of fact. But i'm so lucky to have Lola as my best friend because she's good at every thing. Apart from science. Which, luckily, is my speciality. Soon I was wondering if she ever got my note or if one of my selfish class mates kept it to them selves to tell the teacher that I was passing notes during class.

After about five minutes i got a reply and she said i was dumb because we hadn't even had lunch yet, so i didn't get a serious answer.

After a long day of playing a game on the favourites list, ignore the teacher and everything she says, she finally said the words that were sweeter than honey,"Class dismissed."

I waited for Lola. It took a long time for her to come out. When she evantually came out her cheeks were flushed scarlett; the colour of roses.

"Why are you blushing like that," I asked Lola, "Every one's pointing in our direction, staring at us, laughing."

"Well, you won't believe it but this morning Dean was acting kind of suspicous. In maths he kept making sure that I got the right answers. In science he kept mouthing me the answers and in literacy he kept making suggestions on my writing. And then after school he got hold of my t shirt and dragged me into the cloakroom. He then kissed me on to the cheek and charged out to his mum. I just stood there, crimson,"

"Wow," I said impressed.

"Oh yeah. There's one more thing I have to own up to. Issie you know the other day I invited you to come to the park with me. It was because my older sister Darla was teasing me that I hadn't got a boyfriend and said that even if I was the last girl on earth no boy would ever want to even kiss me. Then I said to her that she's not even pretty and that got through to her. So then she said some real mean stuff and I started to cry..."

"And then she called you a cry baby," I finished.

"But as it appears I've already got a boyfriend we can still go to the park. Can we?"

We chattered and skipped and chattered some more all the way to the park. We soon arrived and played on the swings for a bit. We then saw a boy in the distance with his head in his hands. Cautiously we walked towards him, trying not to give him a fright.

"Are you alright,"I asked.

His hair flopped over his face covering his sapphire blue eyes. "It's just," He stammered, "My girlfriend just went off with another boy, in front of my very eyes."

He looked up, staring in to my eyes as if Lola wasn't even there. He clasped my hand, his old wrinkly skin so tight you wouldn't know what to expect.

"Um, what's your name," I asked.

"Josh. Josh Brown," His eyes stared into mine, "Your's?"

"Issie and this is-"

"Shhh." He put his finger to his lips, "You on facebook?"

"Not allowed," I replied."


"Yes. Both of us are."

"See you tonight," He said, "Oh, and add this little friend of yours to the call. Make it an online date!"

Lola just stared at me, long and hard, "You can't trust him. You didn't even see his face."

"Look we've both got boyfriends now so we should be happy for each other."

"See you on skype," And with that Lola stormed off; She'd had enough.

I headed home and turned my computer on. I logged onto skype and found that I had a friend request. Who on earth was Ronald Brown?

I accepted it absent mindedly and video called him.

Beeeep-beep, beeeep-beep. An older voice answered, "Hello Issie."

"How do you know my name," I stammered.

"Don't you remember, I saw you at the park earlier."

"But... Why does it say that your name is Ronald Brown; I thought your name was Josh Brown," I pointed out.

"It's my dad's account." He replied.

"Doesn't your camera work then?" I asked.

"Hang on," He fiddled a few buttons, "There."

There he was, blood running down his distorted face, a completly bald man. An older man. Lola had been right; I didn't know who this old man was and he turned out to be a night mare. He stared at my beautiful awe struck face. I didn't know what to do. His smile turned into an evil grin,

This wasn't any old night mare;


This was a SKYPE-MARE. 

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