I Will Protect You

Dylan grabbed my shirt roughly and pulled me close to him. I couldn't get away, his strong arms held me close. "Harry doesn't love you, and I know you still love me." He whispered in my ear.

I yelled angrily,"I want to be with Harry. Just leave me alone Dylan!"

"Corrie. Kiss me."

That's a small part of the story when it gets in the middle, its just a little hint.

~Corrie is a 17 year old girl, she's bullied at school, No one liked her. Harry comes along and will he help her through her problems?~


1. Tall British Guy

I got to school, got picked on by Amy and her friends, did something really embarrassing, got laughed at, some more bad luck.    Just like any ordinary day....


I walked to the bus stop to catch a bus home. A bus came, but drove off. "WAIT!" I chased the bus. I ran for a few seconds and thought I would never catch up to a bus, and yes I gave up. I ambled back to the bus stop and sat down, panting softly.

I got out my phone and texted Max, my old friend, that he'd have to wait because I will be home late. Hopefully he won't mind. He texted back:

Its alright I'll be waiting in front of your apartment ;)

I had a feeling someone was watching me. I turned off the phone and put it back into my pockets.

I turned to my right. No One.

When I turned to my left, a tall curly haired boy was staring at me. It was awkward, I looked away.

When I looked back at him, his green eyes were still looking at me. Not taking his eyes off, he smiled.

"Ok! Stop staring at my terrible face. I know I'm ugly," I said with my eyes slightly wanting to cry. No one likes me at school, Amy and other girls at school didn't like me. If Amy didn't like someone(me), then no one would like that person either. That person was me, she hates me.

He moved over to me.

"Don't say that love. You're..."

I cut him off, "Yes, I know. I'm worse than ugly."


What did he just say? The only people who says nice things about me is...my parents. No one else. No. He probably ment PRETTY weird. Or PRETTY terrible. Or PRETTY ugly. Or even PRETTY monster looking.

The he said, "Nah more like beautiful."

I blushed. I could tell my cheeks were red as a tomato. "Thanks," I tried thinking of something nice to say back. "Well You look handsome."

He smiled, dimples showing.

"What's your name?" 

"Corrie" I said. "And you?"


Harry's POV:

"Corrie and you?" She said. I was very shocked, she didn't know who I was! I'm HARRY STYLES from ONE DIRECTION! "Can you guess?" I asked. Maybe she'll recconise...

"Umm...I really have no idea who you are, how could I guess...?" I wasn't angry, I'm quite happy, I haven't introduced myself to anyone for a long time since everyone I meet they just say OH YOUR HARRY!! 

"Oh sorry, I'm Harry, Harry Styles... Does that ring a bell...?" I asked. She shook her head. 


Corrie's POV:

I don't know why but I suddenly felt tired. I closed my eyes and somehow lay my head on Harry's shoulders. I fell asleep...

I woke up to the sound of lots and lots of talking. Slowly I opened my sleepy eyes. "Finally! Look who's awake!" I look up to see that curly haired boy again.

Oh right it was Harry. Oh damn! I was sleeping on his lap. It was comfy,,

"Um why are we on a bus?" I asked, confused.

"You were sleeping, I didn't want to wake you or let you miss out on a bus so I carried you onto the bus! BRIDAL STYLE!" He said in his sexy, British accent. Bridal style?? Really?

"Oh thanks,"

We talked about ourselves for a while,


"Oh. I guess I'll be stopping here. See ya Harry." I got up from the seat and shuffled past Harry. 

He grabbed my arm. "WAIT! Can I have you number?"

I said yes quickly and gave him my number.

I turned to get going, but he pulled me back. What does he want now?

He stared at my lips, got closer and kissed me. His lips were soft, and firmly placed on mine. He's a good kisser. I knew I had to go so I pulled away and went. 

"Bye" I said. He waved goodbye as I got off the bus.





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