You're the one and only

16 year old Ashleigh meets One direction member Niall Horan could this end up in true love?


5. ummm...

Ashleighs P.O.V 

i was shocked that Niall said that out loud. i wasn't sure if all the directioners we're going to want to attack me. a lot was going threw my mind. finally the bell for second period came i was so happy the next class just flew by i was so happy it was lunch because i couldn't wait to tell Kyrah about Niall and me. I cant stop thinking about it im so flabbergasted i still can not believe it 4 hours ago i was your average teenage girl, and now im dating a One Direction member Niall OMG AHHHH im so happy.

~ authors note ~

Sorry for the short chapters it just i have just started school again and i'm busy with homework and chores and my time for writing songs so sorry in my spare time i promise i will write more so sorry thank you for understanding :P

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