You're the one and only

16 year old Ashleigh meets One direction member Niall Horan could this end up in true love?


4. Questions...

Ashleighs P.O.V

OMG im dating Niall Horan a one direction member ahhh i never thought this would happen

"Niall this is the music class the teacher will ask you to answer some questions okay"

"yeah thank you for telling me"

"Miss Moore this is Niall horan he is new to our school and can you help me make sure no one harrases him and his fine with people asking him questions"

Nialls P.O.V

ok Niall you can do this i said to myself

"question time!" miss moore says 

"Hey Niall do you have a favorite song by your band" a girl with black hair says

"Well to be Honest with you i actually do its more than this" I say with a smirk on my face

"Hey Niall do you have a girlfriend and if you do what's her name?" a tall girl with brown hair and black glasses 

" umm actually i do and she is in this class it is umm Ashleigh May" i say with a silly face

everyone turns to face Ashleigh 

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