You're the one and only

16 year old Ashleigh meets One direction member Niall Horan could this end up in true love?


9. NANDOS...

Nialls P.O.V 

I let Ashleigh fix her self up then we ran downstairs into the car and honked the horn.

"hurry up guys i want to go to nandos!!" i shouted to the boys and Kyrah

"all right calm your farm," i heard Liam say

~20 mins later~

Ashleigh's P.O.V

we arrived at nandos and we sat at a table for 7 i sat next to Niall and Louis. Kyrah sat next to Louis and Harry, Liam sat next to Harry and Zayn sat next to Niall. we all ordered our food i got a Salad and i swear Niall got the whole menu.

we ate and went back to Niall and the boys flat. by the time we got there it was 11pm.

"Niall do you mind if we crash here the night its to late to go home?" i asked him

"sure do u want me to get you something to sleep in?" he asked 

"um yeah if its not to much to ask,"

" be right back".

~authors note~

thank you guys for reading what i have so far. please follow me on twitter my name is Ashleigh Blue and my twitter is @1D_NIALL_HAZZA

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