You're the one and only

16 year old Ashleigh meets One direction member Niall Horan could this end up in true love?


3. class time...

Nialls P.O.V

It was time to go to our first class and i didn't realize because i was mesmerized by Ashleighs beautiful figure.

why did she have to be so beautiful so kind so loving so perfect??

" Niall come on we have class" Ashleigh snapped her fingers in my face.

finally i came back to earth

"okay what class first?" i ask curiously 

"we have music you should be good with that hehehehe" she giggled as she spoke

"y..your laugh is so cute" i said embarrassed

"hehe thank you Niall i think.. i think you're cute" she replied

" I know this is a little to soon but ummm will you go out with me i am literally  mesmerized by your beauty please say yes i would be the happiest man on earth."

"Niall i... i would love to now come on or we will be late for class hehe"


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