Who Is True

A few new people just arrived at Emily's next door house. Each one loves Emily alot? Who will win her over will it be Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, or Louis Tomlinson?


1. New Nieghbors

Emily's P.O.V

                      I just came back from the USA. I really didn't like much there but now I was home. There was a knock at the door. I answered it. There was five boys at my door. One had cute blond hair plus an irish accent. Another had dark hair and tan skin.Then there was a light brown and curly haired boy. The last two had brown hair and one had it perfectly straight hair the other one had a bit messed up hair. They each smiled at me. I smiled back and the irish boy said," Hi, We just moved in next door." I said back," Really, There had been no soul there for so long. I'm glad I have new nieghbors." They chuckled and so did I and I quickly invited them in. I showed them my couch. They sat and so did I. They introduced them selfs. The irish boys siad," I'm Niall, This is Zayn over there, He is Harry and theres Liam and Louis." I grinned.

                         Then Zayn said," We are having a party tonight want to come, Love?" We all stared at him then I said," Sounds like fun, I'll be there. What time is it, Lads?" Harry answered," Were not sure when it will begin well just stop by a tell ya, Love." I went to get them snacks as they chatted away. I came back with six bowls of chips and six sandwiches. I handed one to each of them. Niall said with his face full of chips," Thank you, babe." I barely understood him. They all laughed. I didnt get why they did. Liam said," Lad, your a handful.... of chips. He always is eating. Wait whats your name, Love" Thats why they laughed I thought. Then I quickly answered," I'm Emily, Lads."

                        I heard a knock at the door a few hours after they left. I answered it. Zayn started to say," The ummm.... par...." I cut him off saying," Okay i'll be there soon let me get ready." he left yelling," OKAY,  LOVE." I shut the door and ran up to my room. I was searching thourgh my closet when I remember the new outfit I got in the USA. It was a blue straples short dress with blue high heels. It also had matching necklace, earings, and a braclet. I quickly put it on and put my hair in a bun and amired myself in the mirror. I ran out the door and knocked on there door. It took two seconds for Zayn to grab my wrist and pull me in. He yelled," EMILYS HERE, LADS." It was so loud I looked around and saw a stage with the boys singing. It sounded wonderful I have never heard anything like it. Zayn asked," Have you ever heard us sing?" I answered," No, whats your band called?" He yelled," ONE DIRECTION!!!"

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