More Than This

Macy just turned 18 and lives on her own now. Her best friend Niall.... Moves in with her. After a while Macy davelibes feelings for him, but Niall has a girlfriend jealouse starts to overcome Her and Nialls friendship. But when she starts to date someone else Nialls starts to play the little love game too.


25. Where?

Zayns P.O.V

We got back to the flat, and my phone began ringing. Perrie. "Hey babe" I said walking into my room. "Hey Zayn" She said, "Can I come over?" She asked, "Yesss. We moved into Niall's and Macy's flat." I said doing a happy dance. "YAY! Okay be there soon!" She screamed "Love you" She said "Love you too" I said, be for she hung up. "PERRIE'S COMING OVER!" I shouted walking into the living room, "YAY!" Eleanor and Macy said at the same time. Macy's phone started ringing. "Hello?" She asked threw the phone, her face turned pale. "Uh, hold on" She said, 'importent' she mouthed at us then walked into her and Niall's room. After 10 minutes Macy came out of the room, her face was pale. She sat down next to Niall. "Who was that?" Niall asked, "Uh.. Braxten" She said with a smile, "Thats not how you answer his phone calls/" Niall said sounding worried, she shurgged *KNOCK* I answered the door, and hugged Perrie.

We spent the whole day talking. We went to bed. I kissed Perrie. And told her goodnight. The next mourning I walked into the kitchen, Niall was sitting at the counter "Have you seen Macy?" I shot at me the second he saw me, "Noo" I said looking at him confused, "She's not in our room" "Maybe she went over.. Braxtens?" I said, it sounded more like a question. "Let me call her" He said picking up his phone. "Uh.. Hey Macy, were all worried. Were are you? Call me back" He said, "Voice mail" He said sitting his phone down. The boys, Eleanor, and Perrie walked in. "Have you seen Macy?" Niall asked "No" They choursed together. He sighed. Liam dialed a number and put it on speaker. "Hello?" A male voice answered "Wheres Macy?" Liam asked, getting worried "Oh! Her she just fine..." The deep voice laughed "Can we talk to her?" I asked, "Sure" He said, 'MACY!" He shouted, "What?" A female voice snapped. "Phone" The deep voice said, I could hear her running over to the phone. "Macy?" Niall questined, "Niall?" She asked, "Yes. Were are you?" Niall asked, "Uh.." She started "TIMES UP" I heard a voice shout, then I heard a thud, Macy screamed. "What are you doing to her?" Niall asked, "I said times up, she didnt listin, so I kicked her" The voice said causing us to gasp. "Oh.. and Im Zack, Macy's mine" The voice said befor hanging up.

Nialls face was pale, aand lifeless "Who's Zack?" I asked "Her... Ex Boyfriend" He said, "Oh my god." Perrie said, "He uh.. I got to get her befor he does it again" Niall said grabbing his phone and keys. He ran out the door.

Macy's P.O.V

"Macy.. Macy Macy.." Zack said, throwing me agaisnt the wall, I yelped in pain "You.. left me.. I thought we were perfect together" He said slapping me across the face -hard- "No, we werent because you dont know how to treat a girl" I snapped at him before he threw me across the room at the wall, "Oh, I treat girl how they desvere to be treated" He said kicking me in the gut. "No, you dont" I coughed up blood. He walked into the other room and then back in. He held something behind his back, a knife! He took it out, He lefted up my shirt to show my stomach, he deeply cut the knife into my stomach, I screamed. He took the blood coverd knife and cut my cheek. I winced in pain.

*WEEK LATER*"do as we say." He said kicking me in my cut. I winced and nodded. I took a towl and held it on my cut in my stomach, It finally stopped bleeding. Zacks friends came over and I cleaned the house. "MACY! IM BORED!" Zacks friend, Greg shouted "Well, I dont know" I said. He threw my on the couch, and kissed my neck "Stop!" I shouted, he laughed and moved his lips up to mine he kissed my lips, I slapped his face and he waved his finger he threw me on the ground, and laughed. Dont cry. Dont cry. Dont cry. I swear these boys just throw me around like a rag doll. I should eat more. *KNOCK* Someone knocked on the door "Macy!" Zacks shouted, I sighed and answerd the door. The boys were in thye bedroom. "What Im sor of b- Niall" I whisperd, He hugged me and I winced, He looked me confused, then he lifted up my shirt and gasped. "Go drive to the end of the street I have am idea" I said, he nodded and walked down the drive way. "Zack! Were out of beer" I shouted truthfully. "Go get some! Who was at the door?" He asked, "Ding dong ditch" I sighed, He kissed my lips, and , moved down my neck "I love you" He said, I rolled my eyes and walked down to the store, I bought beer and lied it at Zacks doorstep. I ran to Nialls car.

I jumped in "Niall!" I shouted hugging him. "I missed you" He said, "Me too" I said starting to crying, He drove home and he looked at my cheek, "What he do to you?" Niall asked helping me out of the car, "Abuseive stuff, he made me clean the house, and do whatever shit him and his friends could think of" I sighed, He kissed my forehead. We walked into flat, "MACY!" Everyone shouted, I was attacked with hugs. I winced, someone touched my stomach "Oh my god! Im sorry! What happened?" Perrie asked, "Uh.. Zack" I sighed, She hugged me "Sorry, babe" She whisperd into my ear, I nodded. "Niall's been out and hasnt been home for a week looking for you" Harry said. I hugged Niall "Thank you" I said, He kissed my cheek "Anything for you" He whisperd, "I havent eatin in a week! Im hungry!" I shouted running into the kitchen causing everyone to chuckle. My life's back




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