More Than This

Macy just turned 18 and lives on her own now. Her best friend Niall.... Moves in with her. After a while Macy davelibes feelings for him, but Niall has a girlfriend jealouse starts to overcome Her and Nialls friendship. But when she starts to date someone else Nialls starts to play the little love game too.


17. What?

Kira's P.O.V

I got off the phone with Macy. Wow, I really thought Niall was smarter that this... I mean this exactly what her Ex-Boyfriend Zackery did. Macy only dates boys that she trust, because of Zackery.... she really trust Andrew and she almost got rapped by him. She really REALLY trust Niall and she was cheated on by him, She really trust Zackery and she got cheated on. Wow. Macy That sounds terrible! I called Miranda:

"Hey Key!" Miranda yelled (Key's My nicknaame)

"Hey, did you hear? Niall cheated on Macy.." I said sadly

"Wow! Her boyfriend past is... egh!" She said

"I Know! She trusted all of them and... this happens everytime!" I replied

"Im coming over!" She shouted then hung up

Miranda came over and we went over to the boyd flat. "Hey Key, Hey Miranda" Macy criend when she opened the door. She gestured us to come in. We walked in and my eyes met one of the hottest boys ever! He had tan skin, dark brown eyes, and black hair,that was in a quiff. I smiled and blushed. "Macy... Im so sorry" I said hugging her.She criend on my shoulder. "Can we talk in private?" I asked the boys. The nodded and left the room expet for one certain curly haired boy. "Im staying" He protested I shurrged and faced Macy. I sat next to her. "Why does this always happen to you?" I asked Macy. She shurgged "Always?" The curly haired boy said "Oh Im Harry!" He said "Im Kira, This is Miranda" I said pinting to Miranda "Anyway, yes always, about last year Macy had a boyfriend named Zackery or Zack... One day was at school and saw Zack snogging a girl named Tasha, then theres Andrew who was her boyfriend like last week and she almost got rapped by. Then theres Niall" I sighed. She started crying at the mention of all there names. "Oh.." Is all he said. *DING DONG* Macy wipped her mascara of her face and put her hair in a pony tail. She took a deep breath and answred the door

Niall's P.O.V

I rang the door bell of the boys flat. "Niall?" Macy answered "Listin Macy its not what it looked like! She came in asked me for a kiss! She told me she would never leave me alone if I didnt.. So I kissed her! I would never hurt you" I finished "Thats What They all say! I wiuld Never Hurt! Thats What Zackery said! I would never Hurt You! Thats What Andrew said! I would never hurt you! Thats what you said" She cried. Oh... Im being compared to those jerks... "I-I-I would never hurt you on perpose" I said again. She cried harder and Harry cam behind her and Hugged her. He gave me a death glare "Leave her alone" Harry said coldly. WOW! I sighed and walked into the flat. I was shot with death glares by the boys, Kira and Miranda. I sighed "I didnt mean to hurt her!" I finally said. "What Happened Then Big Guy?!?!" Liam yelled harshly

"Well.... Rachelle was at the door she asked for a kiss I said NO! She followed me into the living room.. She begged and begged and she told me she would leave me alone. So i said yes. SHe kissed me and forved me to kiss back. Then Macy came in and started crying. Then she screamed at me. Then I yelled at Rachelle and told her to leave. And now im being called a Bitch a Jerk, and being compareed To Macy's Ex's" I yelled at the boys. The sat in shock. "But what makes me not believe you is.. Zack told me a story just like that" Macy said. "Zack?" Louis asked "He is My ex that cheated and told me simaliar story" Macy snapped. "Im Not Lieing!!" I barked "Macy! I Would Never Cheat On You!! I dont have a reason to!! Why cant you trust me?" I yelled "Because, when I trust boys, I get hurt" She said camly "I tought, you would never hurt me! I thought you were smarter! I thought you knew how to treat a girl! But I guess I should st assuming. Shouldnt I?" She yelled in my face.  "Macy!! Call me stupid! I dont care! I've never EVER cheated girl! And I wont! Just Belive me!" I yelled. Threw all this the boys just stared at us. "How do I know If I forgive you.. you wouldnt do what Zack did when i forgave him?" She shouted "You forgave him?" I asked. She nodded "But He did something so I brroke up with him" She replied "What He do?" I asked concered "I'd rather not say" She sighed. "What ever he did.. I wont" I rep,ied calmly. The Boys and girls left. Leaving Me and Macy alone "Tell me" I said. She nodded "Well.. I forgave him and he asked me to come over so I did... well we were talking in his room... and he he he u-umm... r-rapped me" She stuterd "HE DID WHAT?" I shoted full of anger. "So I left crying" She added "Macy... I would NEVR EVER IN A MILLION YEARS do that to you EVER EVER" I yelled

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