More Than This

Macy just turned 18 and lives on her own now. Her best friend Niall.... Moves in with her. After a while Macy davelibes feelings for him, but Niall has a girlfriend jealouse starts to overcome Her and Nialls friendship. But when she starts to date someone else Nialls starts to play the little love game too.


13. The Party 2

Macy's P.O.V

Andrew led me into the party. It smelt like alcohol, Oh god! "Ever Had a Drink?" Andrew asked handing me a glass of wine. "Yup, and I got hammerd" I chuckled "Oh well, this should be interasting" He chuckled. I took a sip of the wine and it was GROSS! so I ust didnt have any. I was trying to find Andrew, I finally ran into him and he was Hammered, I dont get how someone gose from complety sober to hammered in 20 minutes. But WHATEVER! He came up to me and grabbed my hand and took me in the bathroom. He pushed me up agaisnt the wall and started makeing out with me. "Andrew Stop!" I yelled trying to push him off me. He just leaned up agaisnt me harder "Andrew Stop!" I yelled again He started unzipping my dress and reaching down at my bum. "ANDREW! Stop!" I yelled Then Pushed Him off me. I zipped p my dress and left the party in tears. I sat on the bench that was in the front yard. Andrew came after me. "Wh-ho You c-c-alling?" He asked I had my phone out "Niall" I simply stated "Niall? N-NIALL! Is all you ever talk about! Your Mine! Not His! And Im Not sharing my toys! And your my toy!" He paused and started laughing "Your A Bitch" He said I started crying again, "Run To Your T-TOY!" He shouted then ran back inside I burst into tears and called Niall with Shaky hands

"Hey Babe" He said

"Can you come pick me up?" My voice was very shaky

"Whats Wrong? And Yea Where are You?" He asked sounding worried

"I will tell you later, and Im at Umm 1729 HeckerBridge Woods" I said crying again

"Ok, Stay put I will be there in a second" He said "Love You Bye" He said Then Hung Up.

In less than 5 minutes Niall Puled Up He Came Out of his car and ran up to me. He picked me up bridal style and kissed my forehead and placed me in the front seat. He got in and headed to our flat. "What Happened?" He asked rubbing my leg "I will tell you when we get home, I dont want you getting made and steer us off the road" I smiled. He chuckled and nodded. He turned up the radio my favorite song 'Everybody Talks' by Neon Trees came one. I humed the rythem. We Finally arrived at our flat. Niall carried me in the flat and sat me in his lap i cried into his chest. "What Happend babe?" He asked rubbing soothing circles on my back. "I Was In The Party and trying to find Andrew, I finally found him and he pulled me into the bathroom, he pushed me agaist the wall he started making out with me" I paused and started crying again "Its Okay, Babe go on" Niall whisperd in my ear "I tried to push him off but it only made his grip tighter, he started to unzip my dress and" I paused "He moved toward my bum.. I finally got him of me and I zipped up my dress and went outside I pulled out my phone and Andrew came outside, He asked me who I was Calling, I told Him Niall, He said Niall, is all you ever talk about. He said I was His and he wasnt shring his toys and that im his toy. Then he called me a bitch" I let out a sob then started again "Then He told me to go run to my toy, then I called you" I finished. Niall's eyes were full of anger. "So all you ever were to him was a fuckin TOY??!!" Niall shouted and I moved out of his lap and he stood up "Next Time I see that ass I swear-" I cut him off "You wont be seeing him again, Im done with him" Niall's face smiled and he sat next to me. "I Love You?" He asked "Yes, you do" I said

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