More Than This

Macy just turned 18 and lives on her own now. Her best friend Niall.... Moves in with her. After a while Macy davelibes feelings for him, but Niall has a girlfriend jealouse starts to overcome Her and Nialls friendship. But when she starts to date someone else Nialls starts to play the little love game too.


10. Thats The Problem

Niall's P.O.V

I drove to Liams flat. I knocked on the door and Louis opened it "Leprchaun!" He shouted and hugged me. I chuckled. I walked inside and floped onto the couch. "Boys! Niallers Here" Louis shouted. All three boys ran down stairs and attacked my with hugs. "Hey!" They chouresd "Hi!" I replied. "Where's Macy?" Zayn asked whislt sitting next to me. "In Her room at our flat... with Andrew" I said and leaned back. "Perks?" Liam asked while sitting next to Louis. "Yea" I sighed. "Hey! Head Up Love-Bug Your With Rachelle!" Harry exclamied sitting next to Zayn. "Thats the thing I sort of umm..... kissed Macy" I said leaning further back. "WHAT?!?!" Louis shouted. "She Kissed Back!" I protested."She did?" Liam asked. "Yes!" I shouted with glee. "Tell us what happened" Harry said. "Okay well...

I was walking to my room when i heard Macy talking.

"Hey... did you know Niall and Rachelle Olmand are dating?" Macy asked

"No! That slut! She hooked up with like 10 guys two weeks ago" The other person shouted  it was Miranda Cheeck.

"I know! Niall desverse way better! Anyway guess what?" Macy asked

"Umm... She Trying to get Niall in bed?" She asked. Macy chuckled.

"Well yes... but Me and Andrew are together!" Macy screamed

"Lucky! Hes the package! His chocolate brown full eyes hishandsome sexy quiff sort of like hair, his tan body, his SIX-pack, his-" Macy cut her off.

"Six-pack?" Macy asked

"Yup, i went swimming with him before" Miranda said

"Oh.. well Ive got to go.. Love you bye!" Macy said then hung up.

I quicklley ran into the Kitchen and started making sandwiches. I made me a turky lettuce and bacon sandwich. I made Macy the Same. She walked in with a big smile plasterd in her face. "Whats So happy about?" I asked sliding her sandwich to the end of the bar. "Oh Nothing..." she trailed off. Day Dreamer. She snapped back to Earth and began tearing the sandwich apart and stuffing her face. "Dang! Slow down Hulk" I said eating my sandwich. She laughed. "So lonley.. talking to Bandit?" I laughed "No.. I was talking to Miranda" She said throwing her paper plate in the trash. "Oh.. What aboout?" I asked already knowing the answer. "About Andrew" she said rocking from side to side. I clenched my fist at the sound of his name. "Anything else?" I asked raising my eyebrows. "Nope" She said popping the 'p' sound "Stop Lieing I heard you talking about how I desver better and how Rachelle's a slut and want me in bed!" I shouted stepping closer. She took a step back and hit the wall. I pinned her against the wall. "So now your spying?" She shoted back. "Well.. you dont go talking behind my back... calling my girlfriend a fuckin SLUT!" I shouted at her. "Excuse me for telling the truth shes slept with like 10 guys the week before you started dating!!!!" She shouted. "Why are you dating the damn ANDREW Guy ANYWAY!?!?!" I shiuted "Because I like Him" she said. I just stared into her icy blue eyes. The I just kissed her... i just leaned in and kissed her. But she kissed back. I leaned back and there were tears in her eyes. Then she ran in her room and I guess called Andrew because he came over. Then Next thang I knew Anrew ran at me a punched me in the face i fell to the ground All I knew was Andrew was ontop of me punching me Macy was screaming, crying, and trying to pull Andrew off. Next thing Andrew aaccendently pulled Macy down to the ground and punched her in the stomach. He stoped and picked her up "Oh My Gosh Baby are you okay.. Im so sorry" Andrew said "Put me down" She said clenching her stomach. He did as he was told. She walked over to me and helped me up. My nose ws bloody my eyes was swollen shut and my cheeck hurt like hell. "Andrew... Leave I-I were over.. Sorry but if your going to hurt My best friend" She said Andrew Left."I love you Niall" She said and hugged me." I finished and took a deep breath. The Boys stared at me in disbelif.

"Wait... They Broke Up?" Zayn asked

"Yea... But she went to go talk to them hen got back together" I sighed. "I dont love Rachelle... But if I broke up with her nothing would stop me from going after Macy" I added

"Thats The Problem! You Dont Like That Slut Rachelle. You Like The sweet hearted Irish.. pretty.. fragile MACY!" Harry shouted and threw a pillow at me

"What do I do?" I asked The Boys sighed and yelled together:


"Ok.. I will text her"

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