More Than This

Macy just turned 18 and lives on her own now. Her best friend Niall.... Moves in with her. After a while Macy davelibes feelings for him, but Niall has a girlfriend jealouse starts to overcome Her and Nialls friendship. But when she starts to date someone else Nialls starts to play the little love game too.


7. Love Hurts

Macy's P.O.V

He leaned away and tears started falling "Niall.... What the hell?" I asked pushing him off me. "I-I had to do that.. I've waited like 15 years for that" He smiled. I just shook my head and stomped to my room and slamed the door shut. I burst into tears. '7-billon people in the world tryin to fit keep it toughter that smile on your face even though your heart is frowin as long as you lo-' I answered my phone "Hello?" I asked then sniffled

"Hey Sweetie do you know if-" Andrew paused "Are you crying?" He asked sounding concerd

"Yes" I said before bursting into tears

"Hold On Baby.. I will be ther in a seconed.. Love You" He said the hung up

I layed on my bed then started crying into my pillow "WHAT THE HELL NIALL?" I shouted before crying again. I heared Niall talking to someone then Andrew came into my room. He sat down next to me and sat me in his lap. I buried my face into his neck. "Whats Wrong?" He asked "Niall.... kissed me..." I said before crying again. "That Bitch!" He shouted then got up. I ran and grabbed his arm "No Andrew stop." I said camly "No That ass F'in KISSED you!" He shouted befor storming out of my room "NIALL!" I shouted chasing after Andrew. I heard a 'THUD' come from the kitchen "ANDREW?" I yelled running into the kitchen. Andrew was ontop of Niall punching him in the face. Niall was not winning this saying Andrew was like 6'1 and way more fit than Niall. "NIALL! ANDREW!" I said trying to pull Andrew off  Niall "STOP!" I yelled pulling harder.

Niall's P.O.V

Andrew was ontop of me punching me Macy was screaming, crying, and trying to pull Andrew off. Next thing Andrew aaccendently pulled Macy down to the ground and punched her in the stomach. He stoped and picked her up "Oh My Gosh Baby are you okay.. Im so sorry" Andrew said "Put me down" She said clenching her stomach. He did as he was told. She walked over to me and helped me up. My nose ws bloody my eyes was swollen shut and my cheeck hurt like hell. "Andrew... Leave I-I were over.. Sorry but if your going to hurt My best friend" She said Andrew Left."I love you Niall" She said and hugged me.

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