More Than This

Macy just turned 18 and lives on her own now. Her best friend Niall.... Moves in with her. After a while Macy davelibes feelings for him, but Niall has a girlfriend jealouse starts to overcome Her and Nialls friendship. But when she starts to date someone else Nialls starts to play the little love game too.


29. Im Back!

Macys P.O.V

I jumped out of the car and ran to the front door. I knocked. The door flew open to reveale Braxton. "Baxie!" I shouted hugging him. "Hey Macy" He said kissing my cheek. "Hey Niall" He waved to Niall standing behind me. "Hey" Niall respnoded "Whats that?" Braxton asked pointing to my cheek. "Uh... uhm..." I said, Braxton looked at me dead in the eye he gave me that 'tell-me-now-im your-brother-and-I-care' look, I sighed "Zack" I said, "WHA?!" Braxton yelled "He is in jail now" Niall said. "Oh my god. Macy!" Braxton said hugging me. I giggled. "Alright. Bye, love you!" I said to Braxton, "Love you too bye!" He said and shut the door. "Lets go home!" I cheried skipping to the car.

We got home and I floped on the couch, Niall chuckled "What?" I asked, it was muffled because my face was in the couch. "Nothing" He said, I sat up straight and he sat next to me. Next thing, everyone walked into the flat. We sat in a circle on the floor and talked. I sat leaned agaisnt Niall. I looked around, Louis had his arm around Eleanor. Zayn had his arm around Perrie. Liam and Kira were in their on little conversation. Niall had his arm around me. I looked at all their faces.

These are the people I love. These people are the ones that brought me up wheen I was down. These are the ones that saved me from anything. The ones that risked anything for me. I love these people. All I know is I can love these people. More. Alot more. I should show them that I can love them. More than this.

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