More Than This

Macy just turned 18 and lives on her own now. Her best friend Niall.... Moves in with her. After a while Macy davelibes feelings for him, but Niall has a girlfriend jealouse starts to overcome Her and Nialls friendship. But when she starts to date someone else Nialls starts to play the little love game too.


19. Get Your Message?

Andrew's P.O.V

 I took out my phone and texted Macy, Hey you bailed on I, are we a thing?xx I pressed send and got in my car. I drove to my flat and my phone buzzed

MacyGirl: No, were over, if what you did wasnt enough, its what you said.

She replied I stared at my phone in confusion I tried to think of what happend when I finally remberd:

 I went up to her and grabbed her hand and took her in the bathroom. I pushed her up agaisnt the wall and started makeing out with her. "Andrew Stop!" Macy yelled trying to push me off her. I just leaned up agaisnt her harder "Andrew Stop!" She yelled again I started unzipping her dress and reaching down at her bum. "ANDREW! Stop!" Macy yelled Then Pushed me off her. She zipped p her dress and left the party in tears. I caIled after her. "Wh-ho You c-c-alling?" I asked she had her phone out "Niall" She simply stated "Niall? N-NIALL! Is all you ever talk about! Your Mine! Not His! And Im Not sharing my toys! And your my toy!" I paused and started laughing "Your A Bitch" I said and she started crying again, "Run To Your T-TOY!"I shouted then ran back inside.

Wow, I said it out lode, Welp shes gone now Oh well.

Niall's P.O.V

I woke up and strechted my arms and legs. I yawnd then went into the bathroom. I took a shower, and changed into black skinny jeans, and a shirt that said 'Macy the Irish Girl' on it me and Macy got matching shirts at the begging of the summer for friendship shirts expect hers said'Niall the Irish Boy

I walked out of my room and went into the kitchen, I made a bowl of ceral, and walked back into the living room and flopped onto the couch. I watched 'IceLovesCoco' when Macy walked in with her bed hair and her payjamas "Hey, Princess" I said with a smile she rolled her eyes and sat next to me "I Like your shirt" she commented "Ha. Thanks" I replied she got up and went into her room. I heard the shower turn on. Then I heard 4 people walk down the hall "ZOMBIE APOCLAYPSE!" I shouted as Liam shirtless and bed hair, Louis, in a white shirt boxers and bed hair, Zayn shirtless and bed hair, and Harry shirtless and bedhair. They rolled their eyes and sat down, Macy walked out of her room wearing black booty shorts and her 'Niall the Irish Boy' shirt on and her hair in a pony tail. I smiled and she sat next to me and kissed my cheeck. "Ugh! Its too early for PDA!" Louis shouted causing everyone to chuckle. "What we gonna do today?" Macy asked "Umm... MALL!" Zayn yelled. We all agreed and got dressed Liam was wearing, a read and black plaid shirt with black skinny jeans and whit jordan hightops, Zayn was wearing a white T-shirt with a red jacket over top, grey skinny jeans, and black jordan hightops, Louis was wearing black and white stripped shirt red skinny jeans red suspnders and grey TOMS, Macy's TOMS macthed Louis, Harry was wearing a tight black shirt and khacki shorts. "LETS GO! SHOPIE!" Macy yelled grabbing my hand and running out to her black BMW "I call driving!" Louis shouted "Dont wreck it!" Macy replied quickley he nodded and got into the car Liam sat in passenger, then Zayn, Louis, and Harry in the next row. Then me and Macy in the back row. "Were staying the night again!" Harry said, "Ekay!" Macy said 'Give me a time and place i'll rundvu i'll fly you too it, i'll beat ya there girl you know I gotch you us trust couple th-' Macy answered her phone "Uhh, yea... Why though?" She asked looking confused "Er.. Okay... No.." She said into the phone "Yesh" She replied to the person "Nur" She said in a SHUT UP! Voice She laughed really hard then looked at me and giggled she obvilausy saw my confused face "Okay, I will tell him, Love you too Baxie! Bwyes!" She said cheerly then hung up. Every one stared at her "Braxtin is her brothet A.K.A Baxie"I said for her she nodded the all 'Oh'ed "Tell who what?" I asked "Oh yea Baxter said for you to call him" She smiled I nodded and searched threw my contacts then went to B's And Baxter Charter was first I called ring. ring. ring "Hello?" Baxter asked "Wanted Me to call?" I asked "Oh! Yea, dont have sex with my sister" He said I laughed "No, promises" I said then winked at Macy she shook her head "Bye Baxter" I said Her said bye then hung up. "Get your message?" She asked I nodded she rolled her eyes and lied her head on my shoulder.

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