More Than This

Macy just turned 18 and lives on her own now. Her best friend Niall.... Moves in with her. After a while Macy davelibes feelings for him, but Niall has a girlfriend jealouse starts to overcome Her and Nialls friendship. But when she starts to date someone else Nialls starts to play the little love game too.


1. Moving Out Moving In

Macy's P.O.V

         "All Packed?" My mom shouted from the bottom of the stairs. "Yes! For the five-hundreth time!" I Shoted in response. 'As Long As You Love Me We CAn Be Homeless We Can Be Starving We Can Be Broke' My Phone Sang I Ran Over To it "NIALL!!!" I Screamed and answered the phone "Hello?" I answered


Its Me!"

"Oh.. Can I Come over?"

"Yea.... Umm Do you know our apartment number?" I asked as little shy

"Yea Ummm 193"

"Ok See ya in a sec... Loves You Nialler Byes" I Ended the call

            *DING DONG* "I Got It!" I Shouted running down the stairs. I Flung open Niall stood ther he opened his arms and I ran into him and squeezed the guts out of home "Niall... Im ready are you?" I asked letting him go of my speacial death hug. "Yes My stuff took up one row of seats so you have the trunk and one more row of seats" Niall said "Okay... NOW be A Friend and help me carry some boxes!" I Exclaimed and grabbed his hand running up the stairs. "Mac......Ummm do you know Rachelle?" Niall asked picking up three boxes "Um... Rachelle Olamnd?" "Yea.. Her!" Niall sayid walking out of my room. I had two boxes and he had three. "Well.... Were sort of dateing" He said.

Niall's P.O.V

               "Well.... Were sort of dateing" I said. Her cheerie face went straight into a frown her eyes went from sparkling blue to dull sad blue. "Oh.... Umm... Congrats! Im Happy for you!" She said putting her boxes in the car. "Thanks!" I said putting her boxes in the car. After 5 minutes we got all her stuff in the car. "Bye Mum!" She said walking out ther door "Bye Mrs.Charter" I said shutting the door behind Macy. The ride was an awkared silence t'ill i decided to break it "So!... Niall Horan and Macy Charter.... Sharing an apartment" I said "ounds like that could lead to some EPIC partys" I said "It could.... Mr.Horan...... Night just have a house warming party tonight" She said queting the word "House" "Ah! I like the way you think!" I shouted. We arived to out flatwe unloaded. After about and hour out flat was unpacked. "Done!" She said running out of her room. My phone buzzed


Hey Babe(:

Hey Sweetie

Hey Umm Heard you moved in with Macy... Umm dont like cheat on me Please /:

Of Course Not XOXO Bye

                                   After about another hour our party was set up and people should be coming any minute. Macy came out wearing grey skinny jeans and a black shirt that said PINK in pink writing across the front she was also wearing black boots. I was wearing a blue shirt that said AERO on the front a black skinny jeans."Hey Hottie!" I said followed by a wolf whistle. She laughed




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