People Don't Change

Tessa Evans is picked for a secret role. That role leads her many confusing thoughts but her mouth says that the curly haired boy, Harry Styles and his player ways won't get to her. How long can she hold up before being memorized by his green eyes?


1. Rushed

Chapter One
"MOM!!!!" I said, throwing my backpack on the couch, "I'M HOME!!!"

"Mom's not here, dumbass." Said Aubree, my fraternal twin said behind me, also throwing her stuff on the couch.

"Why not?"

"She is out too lunch with a new man." We walked into the kitchen. Aubree sat down at the table, beginning out usual after-school routine. I grabbed the box of flavor blasted goldfish and set it in the table in front of us, and we started munching.

"I wish she didn't start dating right now. Mom and Dad only divorced a year ago." My eyes stung just talking about it.

"Tessa, you know how depressed he was for the first 8 months? Besides Dad was a low life anyway." I was about to argue when the phone started to ring. I got up from my spot and answered it.

"Hello?" I said.

"Tessa!!" There was a pause, "Wait which one are you?" It was Megan, my manager.

"Hi Megan," I said, "it's Tessa."

"Hi baby girl! I have the greatest news!" Oh gosh, I hope it's not another kids show. I never did anything big, just local stuff so I didn't really expect much.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Actually I don't know. But if you get it then you get payed big bucks!" Megan exclaimed, very excited, like always.

"Sounds like you're trying to trick me into becoming a porn star." I looked over at Tessa, who nearly spit out her goldfish.

"No no no! That would be illegal, sweety." Megan said , thinking I was serious, making me laugh. "But, you're auditioning for it. You have all the qualities, the sweetness, innocent, beautiful auburn hair and green eyes. You're perfect!"

I smiled, "Ok Megan, when is the audition?"

"Hehe... Uh.... In 2 hours." I looked at the clock, it was 4.

"And you care to tell me now?! Pick me up from my house ok?! Thanks, bye!" I hung up and ran for the stairs, "BREE I HAVE AN AUDITION IN 2 HOURS, SO I'M GETTING READY." I ran into my room and threw on a blue see through shirt with a black band-o underneath and some jeans and black boots. I ran into my bathroom and turned on my straightener. I pulled out my make up and put eyeliner on my waterline and mascara. I was trying to be as perfect and efficient as possible. That took me about a half hour and my my straightener was ready. I gave my self an hour to do my hair, which was plenty of time.

After that was done, I retouched y makeup and went down stairs. It was 5:15, I went into the kitchen and Aubree was on her phone.

"How do I look?" I said, twirling and posing.

"Not like a porn star, if that's what you're going for," Bree said, winking.

"Thanks. Whatcha doing on your phone?" I said, walking over too her. She turned her phone to me and on the screen was a curly haired boy, doing a funny dance. "Who is that?" I recognized the face but I couldn't put a name too it.

"My husband." Honk honk.

"Bye sis!" I ran out the door and got in Megan's car. "Hey."

The drive was a 20 minute drive and we got there 10 minutes early. The girl, I'm assuming the director, handed me a paper, my role I was auditioning for was "girlfriend." The paper she handed me wasn't even a a script. It was just telling me to state my name age, and answer any questions the people inside asked me.

About 20 minutes later they called me in, and my palms started sweating. There was a row of people and I scanned through them quickly , giving them a warm smile and wave.

"Hello.. Tessa is it?" The man in the middle said, wow he looked so familiar, where did I know him from?

"Yes, that's me." I said, still giving a friendly smile.

"I'm Simon Crowell." Wow. I was just hit with a ton of bricks, how did I NOT recognize him the first time? I am such an idiot!

"Nice too meet you!" He smiled in return. "I'm Tessa Evans, and I am 17 years old." I said, following the 'script.'

"Have you ever done live theatre?" Another person asked, beside Simon.

"A little when I was a kid, I still enjoy it but behind the camera is where I am most comfortable." I stated.

"Ok, because this, and I say this word vaguely, role is behind the camera and live." Simon continued. I tried not letting my confusion on my face show. "You are the last girl we are auditioning and you are the only one the fully meets the requirements."

Does that mean I got it? My heart was racing and shifted a little. Am I going to be working with Simon Cowell?!

"There is a lot of travel involved, meaning you'll have to graduate early. Which shouldn't be a problem since you have a 3.8 grade average." Simon said. "Want you, Tessa. Do you accept?"

I grinned, the biggest grin I have grinned in my life. "Yes! A millon times yes!"

"let's meet who you'd be working with. Harry! Come in!" The same curly haired boy I saw on my sisters phone earlier came in the room, Harry.. Harry what? Harry Stevens? No Styles! Harry Styles. "Tessa, meet your new boyfriend."
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