People Don't Change

Tessa Evans is picked for a secret role. That role leads her many confusing thoughts but her mouth says that the curly haired boy, Harry Styles and his player ways won't get to her. How long can she hold up before being memorized by his green eyes?


2. My what?

"My what?" I asked, mouth and eyes wide open.

"Your boyfriend, babe." Harry said, his body hovering over me. I looked up at him and swallowed hard. Why was I so intimidated by him?

"Well, not really." Said Simon, making Harry step to my side. "It's just for publicity. Recently there has been a lot of talk about Harry sleeping around with a lot of women, which he has." Harry cheekily smiled at me, I gave him a look of disgust, "And him having a 'girlfriend' will, hopefully,, demolish those rumors and he can still do his business with girls." That's so sick. Who uses there fame to get with people?

"I gotta say, my girlfriend is pretty hot." Harry whispered in my ear.

"Pig." I muttered back, he just chuckled. "When will I have too be leaving? Do I have to leave my family?"

"We are going to try to rush and get you graduated by next week." Next week? My was spinning, everything was happening so quickly. "As for your family, that is up too them whether they want to come with you or not. You will be living in Harry and Louis' flat in London, instead of here in Cheshire. Your manager is outside signing the paper work right now." Simon smiled at me. "We are so happy to be working with you."

"I am too." Harry growled in my ear. I didn't respond until Simon and his people left the room, leaving me and Harry alone.

"Would you stop?" I said, almost yelling.

"Stop what?" Harry questioned, grinning, letting me know he knew exactly what I was talking about.

"You, Harry Styles, are not going to get too me. Just because you're some big shot pop star doesn't mean you can woo every girl insight. Especially me." I hissed, making my point very clear.

"We'll see about that." Harry grinned again. I raise my arm and brought it up across his right cheek, leaving a big red mark. He turned his head back to me and grinned, rubbing his cheek. "Feisty, just how I like them."

"Ugh!" I said storming back into the waiting room, Harry behind me. What have I got myself into?

~~Harry's POV~~

Tessa was beautiful, but my usual dick-self has too come out. I can't help it, it's just who I am now.

"Tessa," Simon said, "would you and your family like to go out and eat with me and the boys?"

"Who's the boys?" She asked, she must not be a big fan.

"The rest of One Direction." I replied, trying to be nice. She just gave me a fake smile and turned back to Simon.

"Sure! My sister will probably fangirl for a little bit, you know, being around the boys and all." She said, laughing.

"We are used to it." Simon smiled.

"Harry, can you give Tessa and her sister a ride? I have to go home and tend to my cats." Megan asked. Tessa bursted out laughing, and Megan shot her a playful glare.

"Yeah, sure." I grinned at Tessa, she just rolled her eyes. "Alright, bye Tessy!" Megan kissed Tessa's cheeks and ran out the door.

"Come on, Tessy." I said, mocking her. "We are going to Nando's."

"Whatever, Styles." She said, crossing her arms and following me to my car. She got in the car and buckled up.

"You can type your address in the navi." I said, motioning to the touch screen in front of us.

"The navi?" She raised her eyebrows.

"Yeah, the navi..." I said, slightly shrugging

"What half the girl population sees in you, I will never know." she muttered, shaking her head. I just laughed. After the navi loaded, we took off. It was about a 20 minute drive.

Her house was magnificent, it was average size but the architecture was beautiful. It was the type of house that looked like it belonged in Belgium. The inside was gorgeous too.
~Tessa's POV~
"BREE I'M HOME!!" She yelled, she turned to me and smiled, "Let's make my sister flip a bitch and pretend we are actually dating."

"Why will she be mad?"

"Just this morning she was showing me pictures of you and calling you her husband. She's a big fan." I heard Aubree's loud footsteps come down the stairs. I quickly grabbed Harry's hand and snuggled up to him. "Hey sis!"

"T-T-Tessa what is Harry Styles doing in our house?!" She exclaimed, frozen. I just smiled and kissed his cheek.

"We are dating now! I met him at the audition and it was love at first sight." I was being in total character and considered this rehearsal. It sickened me to know I had to be all lovey dovey with this sex-addict.

"WHAT?!" My sister looked like she was going to burst out into tears any second. I let go and ran over to her, dropping the act.

"Oh, sweety! I'm kidding! We aren't dating!" I said, embracing her in a hug. She pulled away and nodded, wiping her eyes. I looked at Harry who was pretending not too see her cry. "But my new job is to pretend to be his girlfriend."

"Well that's cool." She said.

" thing... I have to move to London..." I said, hesitantly. I didn't know how she was going to react, of course I am going to ask her to come but I don't know if she will give me a chance.

"WHAT?! You can not move to London! I need you here, MOM needs you here! If you even think about-" she was screaming.

"Hey," Harry cooed, walking over too her, "we want you to come. We were going to talk about it over dinner. Come on." Harry walked over the door and Bree walked out first, I mouthed "thank you" to him before getting in his car once again.
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