The Life of a Demigod

this demigod named amber loses her sense of love and then she bumps into percy jackson the cutie demigod and he brings it back to her but what about her dad zeus what will he think of him.


4. why father why


I see amber is with this boy percy jackson . i do not really aprove of this boy for my daughter even though i porved him to be worthy. AMber goes to wipe the tear off of percys face. when her hand is about to wipe the tear . i stop the hand . "amber stop i do not approve of this boy " i say "stop dad you sent me here to do something  and i did it  and now i cant go back to you father so let me do what i want . and you heard him he loves him and i love him " amber says "okay dont come crying back to me when he breaks your heart" i say . then i leave her alone.


"listen amber i love you okay , nothings going to separte us" percy said when he says that a smile comes to my face but inside my head im thinking "not unless  niall comes back from the died which is never going to happen unless my dad has something to do with it"  we get back to doing home work . its 10:30  i get a call on my phone " hold on percy ill be right back . i go to the bathroom and take out my phone. it says its niall calling me but thats in possible he is dead. so i open the phone "hello who is this? " i ask  "Amber thankgod , i miss you so much" somebody say  "who is this " i ask "amber you dont rember me , maybe this will bring me back . if im louder would you see me would you lay down in my arms and resue me cause we are the same you save me but when you leave its gone again " the person says / sings "omg niall i tought you were dead" i say . "ya i was until your dad gave me a another chance at life. " niall said "oh yea im transfering to john bounds highschool and my homeroom is 9-437 " niall said "okay see you tommorow then " i saw "okay bye amber see you soon love" niall said then i hung up  i leave the bathroom and go back to sitting with percy . it is now 11:00. "amber its time to go to bed now " percy said "okay " i say i pack up all my stuff and lay down on the couch. "no way you are sleeping there i have a guest bedroom you can sleep there.


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