The Life of a Demigod

this demigod named amber loses her sense of love and then she bumps into percy jackson the cutie demigod and he brings it back to her but what about her dad zeus what will he think of him.


2. school !!!!


" im still barely brething just pray to a god i dont belive in "  my phone sang i was walking to school . i go to john bound highschool.  i loved it there. bump i guess i wasnt paying attion where i was going so i bumped in to someone. "god dammit i need those papers for school!" some girl yelled. i dont look up i just go to help pick up the papers  for her . by acciden t i touch her hand. i look up and so does she. " hi am percy jackson, these are yours " i say . i look at her face it  start to turn  red. " im amber " she said  "where you heading? " i ask like a retard. " im heading to john boound highschool " amber said " me to , do you mind if i walk with you" i say " she just meet me why the hell in the world  would she let me come with her to school " i though  "ummm sure " she said  the most of the walk was quiet. we are a few blocks away from the school . i think she kinda is cute she dresses like a casul girl but ripped t-shirt and jeans and sneakers.  " so  what home room are you in " she asked me  " im in 9-437 " i said " omg me to " she said  "so how come i never notice you " i ask " because i dont really say anything in class i get picked on so i stay quiet " she said .

Ambers P.O.V.

so we are going up the stairs to go to class. i like percy alot but i dont show any signs of it . " haha look who it is, ugly, fat, and scary face   " someone said . i know that vocie . its janice the popular girl. she is one of the many kids that pick on me . when percy hears that he looks at me and grabs my hand.  "hey leave her alone what did she do to you" percy says i look up  he is standing up for me . a smile comes to my face. "come on amber dont listen to them your beutiful." percy said . he likes me . i like him to but i dont want to  tell him cause them people are going to pick on him to.  "lets go to homeroom" i say . he is still holding my hand .  i let go and run to the bathroom and cry to my self . he doesnt cair if he is late for homeroom and chases me . but janice stops him . "why do you like her she is just a peice of shit that was a mistake " she says " i dont care what you think about her i like her " he say . he runs to the giels bathroom knock knock "the bathroom is closed " i say with a shakey voice . "amber come on let me " percy said " fine come in its open" i say  he opens the door and sits next  to me " amber dont listen to them , i love you " percy says  he lifts my head  and kisses me . "come on lets go to class" he say while picking up my bookbag . i wipe the tears of my face and go with him. 


ITS lunch time . i cant wait to see percy . i go to my locker . percys locker is a few away from mine.  i start walking towrad mine . to see janice and percy makeing  out " huh!!!" i gasp i geuss that made them stop . percy looks at me . the smile on my face slowly turns to a frown . i fell the tears welling up in my eyes . im shakeing my head no . i didnt belive this was happening. "amber um its not what it looked like" percy said . i start crying .  through my watery eyes i see janice laughing. percy comes walking towards me . i just turn away and run to the bathroom.   i get inside the bathroom and lock the door . i crying so hard . i here the rain outside . its raining again cause of my emotions . knock knock  "the bathroom is locked leave me alone"  i say  " come on let me in amber " percy said " no why should i " i say  its starts to thunder strom. "i thought you loved me and you said it your self, percy" i shout when i shout lighting hits . percy breaky the door down and he sees me . ther is a whole bunch of water around him. he gives me a luigid rose. "amber it was not what it looked like" he says  "sure it is you where kissing janice" i shout .  lighting strikes again.  "amber janice just walked up to me and said hey you want to make out. i said no . then you come torwads the lockers and she starts kissing me ." percy said .

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