The Life of a Demigod

this demigod named amber loses her sense of love and then she bumps into percy jackson the cutie demigod and he brings it back to her but what about her dad zeus what will he think of him.


6. Reasons

Nialls Pov.

Its been two years since i have seen Amber. Two years ago i saved her life. I took the bullet for her like i said i would. She would come and vist me anytime she could. I missed her alot. One week ago i wished for a chance to see her again , Now today satian comes and gives me my second chance to be with her .I can finally see the love of my life again. Time to go to school where i can see her .

~ at school ~

I was sitting on the steps infront of the school. i wasnt paying attention , just staring of into the distance.Then she came into view. Her pretty dirty blondle hair flowing in the wind, she was wearing tight ripe jeans with a purple t-shirt thats says fuck normal. Ha that shirt brings back memories

~ Flash Back ~

" NIall i have to tell you something important"

"what is it babe"

" im not a mortal "

" what do you mean "

" im not human , Im a demigod "

"hm" i studied her to see if this was all a joke . it wasnt . i just got out of my seat and just as i was about to walk away from her she grabed my hand and

" please dont leave me " she said while crying. i shoke her hand of my hand and started walking away

" I love you niall ." i stopped walking . i turned around she said she loved me finally . i always said i loved her but she never said it back . i walked back to her and crashed my lips on hers .

" i love you too"

~end Of Flash back!~

i got up of the steps . I went to go hug her as i said " oh how i have missed you amber" she put her hand on my chest. wow this sound gay but my heart flutterted at her touch .

" niall i cant do this now " she said while looking down at the floor.

" what why "

" cause i moved on "

My heart just shattered at those last few words . " i moved on " she doesnt love me anymore. No why . why as soon as i come back .

A/n Cliffhanger sorry i havent been updating its cause i have been working on stuff and other storys on a differnt website . also cause i kind off had writers block so here u go

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