The Life of a Demigod

this demigod named amber loses her sense of love and then she bumps into percy jackson the cutie demigod and he brings it back to her but what about her dad zeus what will he think of him.


1. my life

Hi my name is amber you might think  im a normal human but im not. im a demigod .Ya ya go ahead don't believe me.demigods where safe in the human world until that stupid author rick Rodin wrote about Greek gods demigods and so on. Now i have to be extra careful with my powers and people i talk to . My  job here on earth was to defeat the titans . i achieved that task. but something went wrong where i came from. i guess im stuck with these stupid immortals. My father is Zeus and my mother is Jennifer. she works two jobs everyday. i barely see her.i go to school i get picked on seven hours every day. i get homework and on top of that task from the gods to. Humans might think the life of a demigod is easy. its not easy we have a whole bunch of task. we have to control our powers to. just cause we have powers doesn't mean are life is easier. its actually a hundred times worse. we have to prove ourselves to the gods .and if we are not wearthy the gods just take our powers away. before i came to this rusty bucket place called earth . my life was awesome. i had so many friends.   Now on earth i get picked on cause i don't look like them. people think im crazy cause when i get mad  thunder storms happen even if the sky is perfectly clear. every now and then i would get flash backs when i was a little kid and playing with lighting blots . Ah  the good times.  now i feel lost no one loves me . im very lonely on this world back where i came from every one loved me. i miss that. there was this one boy his name was Alexander. his father is Apollo and mother died when he was born.  

Its time to get up for school. i put on a ripped t-shirt and some jeans and sneakers i grab my keys and head out the door. i run down the sense i got my books in my hand . i keep walking then bump. my papers where flying every where. "god dammit, i need those papers for school" i shout  i bend down to pick up the papers that haven't flown away . i moved my hand and felt something warm . i look up its a cute boy. "hi am Percy Jackson , this is yours im so sorry " Percy said i felt my face starting to turn red. "im amber" i said i got back up . "where are you heading?" Percy asked "im heading to john bound high school" i said  " me to , do you mind if i go with you ." he said shyly "uhh sure " i said  the most of the walk to school we stayed quiet "what homeroom are you in " i asked  " i am in 9-437" he said  "omg im in the same homeroom" i said   

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