The Life of a Demigod

this demigod named amber loses her sense of love and then she bumps into percy jackson the cutie demigod and he brings it back to her but what about her dad zeus what will he think of him.


5. Meeting an old friend

Percys Pov

" No way you are sleeping there i have a guest bedroom you can sleep there" i said

"okay percy" she said while getting up . i lead her to the guest bedroom. "here you go . ill be right there if you need me okay .good night baby " i said while pointing to my room. In the middle of the night i heard a knock on my bedroom door. "mom?" i said "no" somebody whispered . i reached in my pocet took out the pen and clicked it. i now had my sword in hand . "then who the fuck is it?" i said  they didnt say anything. i got out of my bed to see amber with tears on her face. "Amber oh my lord im sorry i thoughtyou where someone else. why are you crying baby?" i asked while withdrawing my sword . i got closer to her and pulled her into a hug . she lifted her head to look at me . i took my hands and held her beutiful face . iclosed my eyes and leaned in and kissed her . she kissed back . i pulled away and said "  come on you can sleep with me " i  got into my  bed and she followed me and we cuddeld . and thats how we fell asleep.

The Next Day

Ambers pov

i woke up in percys arms . Man i cant belive how fast i fell in love with him.  But now the hard part comes. Facing my old love niall. I know my father doesnt aprove of percy but why did he have to bring back niall my old love the one who risked his life for me . i lift percys arm off of me and get out of his bed . i go to the bathroom and take a shower and change into somespare cloths i had taken out of my house just in case.  i left the bathroom and walked out the door  . i started walking to school . i didnt want to go bu i have problems to fix right away. my phone starts ringing . its percy. i pick up the phone . just as i was about to speak he said " amber where did you go . i woke up and you where not there please tell me youre alright. "  "yea im just fine i saw you where still sleeping so i just got dress and started heading out for school ."  i said .  i was ifront of the school . "hey percy im already at school i got to go talk to you later" i said then hung up  i went inside to see niall waiting for me . " oh how much i missed you amber " niall said he was about to hug me when i put my hand in front of me . "niall i cant right now ." i said looking at the floor .  "what do you mean ?" he asked 

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