The Life of a Demigod

this demigod named amber loses her sense of love and then she bumps into percy jackson the cutie demigod and he brings it back to her but what about her dad zeus what will he think of him.


3. lies

Ambers P.O.V.

The school day is finally over. i go to my locker . i have my book bag slung over my shoulder. i look to my right all i see is that one scene percy kissing janice .  its playing over and over in my head. "uh" i sigh. i get my books and start heading towards the stair . but little do i know the time . its 3:10 . bully time. "hey scary face , where do you think your going" janice says . when i here that i stop because i know there is know way of getting out of this. "so how did you like the view of me and percy kissing." she says . "amber control yourself no thunder storms to day " i thought  she comes closer shoves my books to the floor. i go to pick them up . but then she pushes me down to the floor and her and her friends start kicking me in the stomach. they leave after a few kicks . i wait for a little while . i get up and pick up my books. i see percy he comes running to me asking what happened i just get my stuff and leave him. he just stops me . he hugs me really tight. and his hand slips into my back pocket. "hey can i walk you home" he ask  "sure" i say we start heading out to my block . "so what happened there at school that you where on the floor" he asks me i didnt want to tell him what really happened so i just said this " oh its nothing i just slipped " i lied right though my teeth .  we are right in front of my house  "hey amber if you need to talk to me , i put my number in your back jean pocket okay" percy said so secrecy. " okay percy " i say . i serch for my keys . "fuck" i lost my keys . "percy wait" i scream percy turns back to me . what is it amber?" he says  " i lost my keys can i sleep at your place" i ask "sure , amber we can also do homework together" he said with a smile on his face. i laugh. 

Percys P.O.V.

the school day is finally over . i start heading to my lockers. i get my stuff and head towards the stairs to see amber on the floor in fetal position.  i ask her what happened . she just gets her stuff of the floor and pushes the door to go down the stairs . but i stop her and hug her really tight . i had my number in my hand when my hand slipped and went into her back pocket . so i put my number in there. "hey can i walk you home " i ask . "sure" she says  we start heading towards her house." so what happened at school  that you where on the floor . "oh its nothing i just slipped" she said  we are right in front of here house. "hey amber if you need to talk to me , i put my number in your back pocket. " i said "okay percy" she replied i start walking towards my house "percy wait " amber screamed  "what is it amber? " i say " i lost my keys , can i sleep at your place " she said. "sure , amber we can also do homework together" i said . in my mind i thought yes more time to find out if she likes me . she runs toward me and we start walking towards my house. when we get inside the house "hold on percy i need to call my mom " she says  

Ambers P.O.V.

"hold on percy i need to call my mom " i said "okay amber ." he replied i go outside and sit on the stairs. and call my mom . "hello this is ms toros office" my moms secritary says  "hey its amber, i need to talk to my mom" i say "she is in a meeting can i leave a message " she says "yes you can tell here im sleeping over a friends house and i lost my keys so i have no way to get in the house okay thanks bye " i say . i go back inside the house to find to glasses of water and home work set up. i laugh . i go sit next to him and he say "what do you want to start with " "what about math " i say with a cheeky smile. "okay" he said . "im thirsty do you have any water" i say . he dosent have to get up he just lift his hand and water in a cup is coming towards me "whoa" i say i take the cup and take a sip. "thanks " i say  the power goes out. "god dammit i will go get the generator  " he say .  "its okay watch this " i say . i do something with my hands and the whole house is back up .  "so wait your a demi.." he asks "yes im a demigod, please dont leave me i like you alot okay " i say  "haha i wouldn't leave for you anything , i love you and im a demigod to" he says  "who your father of is it you mother that's the god" i ask  "its my father he is Poseidon  and my mother died when i was born " when he says that a see a tear in his eyes  " my father is the god and he is Zeus and my mom is jennifer but i barely see her she is always working." i say . i tear rolls down his check i just get closer to him to wipe the tear away from his face. but something stops my hand . "amber stop i do not aprove of this boy " my dad says "stop dad you sent me here to do something and i achevied it and now i cant go back where i cam from so ... let me do what i want and you hearrd him he loves me andi love him to " i say . when my dad heres that i can remove that tear from his face .  " listen amber i love you okay , nothings going to separte us. " when he says that a smile comes to my face .    

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